How to overcome the loss of a pet?

The loss of a pet is always a difficult trial to overcome. Here are some tips to help you grieve.

The biggest fear of any pet owner, be it a dog, a cat, a rodent… is losing it.

Each story is unique and therefore there is no “right” way to grieve.

Our little friends are real companions who can symbolize a son, a friend, a brother. As soon as they come in, they become members of the family, so much so that we often “talk” to them using funny, childish little voices, as if we were talking to babies; we attribute thoughts and feelings to them.

They are very sensitive to our mood. They are able to feel all our moments of tension. In some cases, owners and animals end up “looking alike” over time!

Advances in animal therapy are showing us more every day how important they can be to making us feel better and how much we can benefit from this wonderful relationship.

Sharing a part of life with an animal means living an experience of unconditional love, where we learn responsibility, commitment, care and patience in exchange for many happy moments.

A real sadness

The death of a pet is a true experience of grief, a trauma that leaves a great void in the heart and mind comparable to the loss of a loved one.

It is an affliction that is often trivialized (especially by those who have never experienced it) with phrases like “it was just a cat”, “you can always get another dog”, “all those tears… but it did he doesn’t even know how to talk!”

death after a pet

It’s perfectly normal to feel devastated after such a loss, but it’s often hard to talk about it because we don’t feel justified, unlike the loss of a loved one.

At first we have the impression of still hearing our lover or we expect to see him behind the door as soon as we get home: there is nothing strange, our routine was centered on his presence.

For some it can be a relief to immediately adopt another animal, others see it as a “betrayal”: it is an intimate and subjective choice.

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How to deal with the loss of a pet?

Firstly, it is important not to get impatient, to take your time. If you are advised to adopt another animal, do so only if you really feel ready. It is not said that what has been good for one person is also good for us.

Negative emotions have to find their way, suppressing them makes things worse. These sorrows are often passed over in silence because they are considered inferior to those of humans, and sometimes we feel guilty talking to others about this type of suffering.

Surround yourself with understanding people: not only friends and relatives, but also other animal lovers. On social networks, there are now several groups of animal lovers where you can chat and share your experiences.

woman with her dog

Creating a ritual can be a way to mark this moment of transition and “letting go.” It can be a small ceremony, a poem or a story, a poster with pictures, a drawing… These actions allow you to say goodbye and thank your dog or cat for sharing their life with us.

Another difficult aspect concerns the handling of the “personal effects” of our four-legged friends, that is, kennels, bowls, toys and everything you have bought for them. If you can’t tear yourself away from them all at once, you can start collecting them in a box and move them to a room you don’t go to often so you don’t have to see them all the time.

Organize the funeral

When it comes to funerals, you have two options: burial or cremation.

If you have a garden, you can bury your pet there. Otherwise, there are animal cemeteries where you can go ahead with the burial.

Cremation is most often the preferred option for pet owners. Cremation takes place exclusively in suitable facilities, crematoria.

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Create a legacy

To never truly forget the departure of your most faithful companion, it is possible to create a legacy in his memory.

It could be planting a tree, making a photo album or making a cremation diamond (also called memorial diamonds or memorial diamond).

Making an Ash Diamond: One of the best ways to memorialize your beloved pet

commemorative diamond

A new technology makes it possible to make real diamonds from the carbon in the ashes and hair. Thanks to a “high pressure and high temperature” process, the same conditions under which natural diamonds are formed in the laboratory are created.

Why is making a memorial diamond the best way to mourn a pet?

A memorial diamond is a great way to truly mourn your dog or cat. Its timelessness allows it to be passed down from generation to generation, so that its presence is always in the hearts of the family. You can also carry it with you anytime.

The commemorative diamond is also more ecological because its manufacture respects the environment as opposed to the extraction of natural diamonds, which can be polluting.

Finally, it is financially cheaper than a traditional funeral.

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Grieving a pet can be just as painful as grieving a loved one. The psychological and emotional impact this can cause should not be minimized.

A memorial diamond is undoubtedly one of the best choices to overcome this ordeal. By always having it on you or at hand, you will never forget the person who has been faithful to you for many years.

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