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Powerful aromas, spicy, subtle and voluptuous taste… Segafredo Zanetti and San Marco share the same passion for top quality coffee, the result of a selection of the best beans and know-how passed on from generation to generation.

Distributed by Segafredo Zanetti France, a subsidiary of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage group, the two brands have once again put excellence and Italian tradition at the heart of their new products. A new range of capsules for Segafredo Zanetti, another of ground coffee and beans for San Marco: complementary flavors that meet preferences and desires of each, for intense taste experiences.

A new range of Segafredo Zanetti capsules that strive for excellence

Segafredo Zanetti, the Italian leader in espresso, presents its brand new range of aluminum capsules that preserve the subtle aromas of coffee and bring out all its intensity. The flavors are enhanced with each sip. Compatible with Nespresso™, these capsules guarantee high quality extraction in every cup. Practical every day, they invite you to experience excellence and passion for true Italian espresso at home.

And because the pleasure of a tasting is also seeing, the brand has devised a setting that suits the taste experience. 3D embossed capsule, golden look, elegant box with front opening, but also inserts: this luxurious packaging recalls the excellence of the product. Premium packaging to match the brand’s new visual identity, expressed in a simplified logo to gain modernity, a more streamlined design and more graphic consistency between the ranges.

A range of capsules already rich with 4 references:

  • 100% Arabica Intensity No. 9 : soft and aromatic, this Arabica (South America) with floral aromas and chocolate notes offers a nice balance between indulgence and character.
  • Classico intensity no. 10 : Made from South American Arabicas, this rich, harmonious grind introduces notes of honey and caramel that enhance the flavour.
  • Ristretto Intensity No. 11: A blend of Arabicas from South America and Africa, this ristretto has notes of grilled gingerbread that linger into the finish.
  • Intenso intensity no. 12 : Round and persistent, made from a blend of Arabicas from South America and Africa, this coffee is decorated with very subtle notes of chocolate and citrus fruits.

Segafredo Zanetti Capsule Series

Available in supermarkets at Intermarché and online at

PMD: € 3.35

“Supremo” from San Marco: coffee, ground or in beans, with a full taste

The secret of true Italian espresso lies in a balanced roast. The grains are roasted between 15 and 18 minutes, at a temperature that never exceeds 220°C. Thus, they exhale all their aromas and guarantee a tasting rich in flavors. The very fine grind, ideal for quick extraction, is the second secret to a good espresso. It is she who will give depth to the coffee, allowing it to spread its fragrance despite short contact with water. This craftsmanship guarantees the San Marco coffee an original taste, at once spicy, subtle and voluptuous.

As part of a long tradition, the brand is also constantly innovating. It is thus the basis of the very first capsules of organic origin on the market, aluminum-free and compostable, as well as a range of completely organic coffees. Today, San Marco once again lets its know-how speak for itself by launching “Supremo”: coffees full of character, in beans or ground, with a slightly full-bodied taste, produced by the brand’s master roasters. Intensity n° 8, Supremo reveals lingering aromas on the palate and a beautiful elegance.

To meet the different applications, San Marco offers its new Supremo in two formats:

  • Ground, it offers the advantage of simplicity. Quick to prepare, all it takes is a simple filter coffee maker to enjoy the pleasure of a tasty tasting. And to preserve the taste of a coffee with rich aromas, simply close the bag tightly after each use.
  • in grainsSpecially developed for espresso machines with integrated grinder, it reveals all the aromas of a great espresso, the taste of which is optimally preserved for a unique taste experience.

San Marco Supremo No. 8:

Soil: 2 x 250 g PMC: € 7.30

Cereals: 1 kg PMC: € 14.99

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