But where has the efficiency of our glorious security services gone? More than thirteen days since public enemy number “1”, the one presented as being the “mastermind” of the “Special Farce”, sorry, “Special Force” escaped from prison, and our scouts, who whether police or gendarmes, still struggling to find him. It took longer than that to stop him as he delivered one hell of a peach. Dying, he continues to mock our officers and our gendarmes. What doubts about the effectiveness of our defense forces and fear for our security. Especially when rebels who had come from Casamance a few days earlier with the intention of taking advantage of the opposition demonstration to set fire to Dakar, and blood as if by magic had evaporated into the wild. Again, it’s the same scenario. No one knows where these “villains” are who wanted to sow chaos in the capital. Only one “terrible”, in the good words of one of the scriptwriters of this grotesque comedy, was arrested while he was being consulted in the infirmary of a public transport company. Very poor as a feat for such a dangerous rebel. And yet our indescribable public prosecutor had announced urbi et orbi that these dangerous Casamance rebels would lose nothing by waiting, since all the police and gendarmerie forces in the capital were at their heels. Since then, not a single semblance of a rebel has been captured. One of two things: either these dangerous insurgents are fiendishly efficient and our security forces terribly useless, or they existed only in the minds of the prosecutor and the writers of this turnip scenario. In any case, a formidable “caïd” is in nature and he can commit terrorist acts at any time. But what are the police doing? As for whoever is presented as the instigator of this “Special farce”, he is taking it easy in slippers in Panam. He is in no way worried about the French police, who do not cooperate with it in this charming country. Among this group of dangerous killers is a 52-year-old mother whose neighbors praise her humanism and of whom they say she can’t even hurt a fly. A lady presented by our glorious police as a kind of Ma Baker, this American criminal who operated at the head of a gang made up of her own children and whose story was made more famous by a hit by the group Boney M. For As for our lady by Medina Gounass, the most touching thing was seeing children from her neighborhood demonstrate and claim their mother hen. Of course, the police did not go to the scene to put an end to the children’s march. Alas, this grotesque “special prank” comedy unfortunately ended in the death of an innocent man. A hot potato in the hands of power, whose courtiers are in the manipulation…

Bignona instead mobilized Émile Badiane to receive the leader of the list of the Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition. A departmental meeting which will have been well attended despite the fact that the rain had sprinkled the whole of Casamance during this day, July 19, 2022. After the usual greetings, a large part of which was reserved for the brave women of Casamance, Mrs. Touré recalled that Senegal is one and indivisible. She is like President John Kennedy, who at the foot of the Berlin Wall in 1963 said “I am a Berliner”. In 2022, the claim of the late American head of state Mimi Touré is similar to the reflection when she said from the top of her tribune in Bignona: “we are all Casamance people. All Senegalese are Casamançais and all Casamançais are Senegalese”. To drive the point further further home while giving a lesson in citizenship to politicians agitating on regionalist and ethnic lines, the former prime minister added: “we are all proud to belong to one and the same nation”. Parentheses closed, Mimi opened another chapter, political this time . According to the leader of the Benno list, “the people of Casamance, especially those of Bignona” have every reason to choose the candidates registered on the Bby list. Because, President Macky Sall did in Bignona and everywhere in the South, important investments that today serve to shorten the distances between the different regions of Senegal”. Since his accession to the Supreme Magistrate, Macky Sall, on behalf of Bignona, has developed the Blouff loop , repaired the Tendieme Thionk Essyl section and built 23 health posts to raise the tech platform. It also injected 2.773 billion FCFA in the department thanks to assistance from Der (2.2 billion CFA) and Fongip (573 million CFA). While waiting for the reconstruction of the Baïla and Diouloulou bridges, the financing of which has already been completed.

Two weeks ago, replaced Pr. Pierre-Edouard Fournier the famous Pr. Didier Raoult at the head of the Mediterranean Infection University Hospital Institute (IHU) in Marseille (France). The members of the scientific committee of this medical research organization have thus decided to sanction Professor Raoult by anticipating his retirement. Above all, do not ask the daily The Witness who Professor Didier Raoult is or “friend” of Professor Mame Thierno Dieng, director of the main hospital in Dakar. Remember, Professor Didier Raoult presented himself as an emissary from “God” to save humanity through a treatment presented as “very effective” against the coronavirus and developed based on hydroxychloroquine linked to azithromycin. And despite the lack of proof of its effectiveness, the brilliant “hydroxychlorologist” had forced all emergency services in the world to administer these two drugs to Covid-19 patients. As an international medical delegate, Pr Raoult had even come here to Senegal to make the presentation of hydroxychloroquine associated with azythromycin. Unfortunately at the main hospital in Dakar, Pr Raoult had been declared “medicine no grata” by his counterpart Pr Mame Thierno Dieng. It was precisely this Sahelian general practitioner of the Senegalese school who had sent the eminent French professor back to his copy. In other words, the native Niakhène (Thiès) had reformulated the French bourgeois in the direction of having him prescribe medicine only after in-depth examinations and tests. Two years after this resounding contribution, which resembles a lecture from Senegal, history has finally vindicated Prof. Dieng, then Prof. Raoult is the subject of numerous complaints for having… poorly prescribed. The rise and fall of a “hydroxychlorologist” who found it hard to believe that all theory has an end.

We couldn’t have dusted off our “Wanted” section to trigger searches aimed at finding Djibril Ngom. For those who don’t know him, he was the youngest Budget Minister in Senegal’s history, as when he was appointed by President Abdou Diouf in 1990 as Budget Minister, he was only 38 years old. After heading the Chemical Industries of Senegal (ICS), “the boy Pikine” had completely disappeared from the radars of the country’s socio-political-economic space. Previously, he had managed the autonomous port of Dakar, where he had been appointed in 1993 by President Abdou Diouf, who had fallen under the spell of this brilliant young man who graduated from the prestigious HEC school in Montreal and developed within the famous Organization and Methods Office (BOM) for the presidency as a technical advisor in organization. Djibril Ngom came “out of his hole” yesterday because the man certainly could not resist the call of the high seas from the port players who organized a forum on the National Port Strategy yesterday in Dakar. The Community of Port Actors (CAP) Senegal has elected the former director of the Chemical Industries of Senegal. For port actors have not forgotten that Djibril Ngom is the real father of the modernity and modernization of the autonomous port of Dakar. He had succeeded in two years in correcting the port of Dakar, which had experienced the deepest and most lasting moments of imbalance in its history. And his appointment as head of the President of the Republic at that time followed the sole criterion of the recovery of the company, which happened in two years. It is therefore with great pleasure that all the participants in the forum, mainly from the port ecosystem, but also the strong delegation of Malian private operators, to listen to Djibril Ngom talk about the port of Dakar and especially the development and the role of such a structure must play in an economy like Senegal.

If the community of port actors in Senegal is a reality, it is thanks to Djibril Ngom who supported and strengthened this project. According to him, since his departure from the port of Dakar, he has not moved away from the port world, as regardless of where he stays, the reflex at home is always to visit the port of his country of residence. The man, equipped with a very dense address book as an international consultant, has since 2004 been a special adviser to the governments of Chad, Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Republic of the Congo (RC) and the Central African Republic. Those who will have the chance to attend the second day of the forum on Wednesday at the Méridien President will be able to listen to Djibril Ngom, who will moderate panel 5 on the theme “Which governance (institutional and regulatory framework) should implemented” the national port strategy? At least at the witness, we do not hide our joy at finding this brilliant Senegalese.

Matar Ba is a special sports minister who forgets to return the recognition currency to the athletes who have brilliantly defended the colors of Senegal. Many athletes who have wet the jersey are in total disarray. Kène Ndoye, whose only mention of the name recalls the glorious hours of Senegalese athletics. Among Kène’s rich list of prizes, we can remember a bronze medal at the World Indoor Championships 2003 with a jump of 14.72 m and a record of 15 mi triple jump and 6.64 mi length. Continentally, the jumper has won around 18 medals and two at the Islamic Games. She was Golden Lion in 2003 and 2004. Kène Ndoye has been plagued by an illness for several years that has completely destroyed her life. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, which has reduced and deformed her hands, especially her left hand, which she can no longer use. Kène Ndoye could not afford proper treatment. She has been dealing with her illness on her own for 11 years. “After all its years of sacrifice, my country has done nothing for me, not even a roof to live in with my children. Is this normal? she asks. The absurdity is that the former athlete at a very high level is running behind the Ministry of Sports for unpaid bonuses. The steps taken by the General Secretary of the Senegalese Athletics Federation, Jean Gomis, with the Ministry of Sports have so far yielded nothing. The only gesture Kène Ndoye kept was a modest sum of 500,000 francs offered to him by the Sports Minister Matar Ba in the presence of Ahmed Aidara of SEN TV. Meanwhile, Kène Ndoye seeks refuge under the protection of Allah.

After the heavy rain this Tuesday, July 19, 2022, part of the minaret of the Great Mosque of Cité Senghor, a district of the municipality of Thiès-Est, collapsed on a group of children, talibés, who were in the process of learning the Holy Quran . Balance: 2 dead and a dozen seriously injured. It was the Koran master, Habib Sougou, and his daughter, whom he tried to save, who died on the spot, long before help even arrived. Alarmed, the elements from the fire station in Thiès had to return to the tragedy with a slight delay. According to Captain Ibra Khoudia Mar of the firefighters, our elements saved serious and light injuries, but the Koran master and his daughter, who were not lucky enough to be saved by our services, succumbed to their injuries before we arrived at the scene “.

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