Two workers at a daycare center in Holon guilty of abusing 26 young children

Two former day care workers were on Wednesday convicted of abusing 26 very young children over a two-year period.

CCTV footage discovered in 2020 shows Ortal Binyamin, 27, and Rinat Yanko, 50, abusing children in a daycare center in Holon.

Binyamin was found guilty of nine counts of assault and 36 counts of assault.

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Yanko was found guilty of three counts of assault and 29 counts of assault.

Parents of the abused children who were present at Wednesday’s hearing greeted the two women with bub.

“Would you like to be somewhere else?” Not feeling well? It was also not nice for our children to be in hell with you nine hours a day, ”shouted one parent.

CCTV footage shows Binyamin and Yanko throwing children on mattresses and pulling them in their arms or legs. They also beat and kicked children, all between the ages of two and three.

Ex-Holon kindergarten workers accused of abusing young children arriving at a court hearing in Tel Aviv on July 20, 2022. (Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90)

According to the indictment, the two former employees had created a climate of fear and treated the children as objects.

Eran Carmel, father of twins in Binyamin and Yanko’s custody, asked them, “Can you look me in the eye and explain to me why you beat them?” What is your problem ? What you did is unforgivable. »

After the hearing, Carmel told Channel 12 that it was difficult for her to watch the videos again in court.

“I did not have the strength to attend all the hearings, watch all the videos and watch over and over again what my twins went through … While I was in the office, they went through hell,” he declared.

As the verdict was read, tears flowed in the Tel Aviv courtroom as Judge Yosef Tofef spoke on the abuse cases.

“This is a particularly serious charge of atrocities. I saw [dans les images de vidéosurveillance] extremely difficult, scandalous, completely incomprehensible things, ”said Tofef.

Former kindergarten workers from Holon charged with abusing young children there, in court in Tel Aviv on July 20, 2022. (Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90)

After the verdict, the mother of one of the abused children, Gal Levi, said that all the children in the daycare were abused by the hell duo.

“They totally ruined them. They hurt my daughter every day. She is now 50% disabled due to post-traumatic stress disorder,” Levi said.

Chen Kovetz Cohen, whose organization helps parents of victims of abuse, welcomed the outcome of the trial.

“For two years we have been supporting parents in this ordeal. The scope of legislation [de ces employées] is unthinkable. The children have been through hell in this day care, just hear what the judge says about it, ”he concluded.

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