What are the 5 best swings for kids?

How do you choose your child’s swing?

Before buying a swing for your child, consider the following selection criteria:

For installation of the portal, you should prefer a completely clear and flat space. As for the ground, it should not be too hard. A lawn or sandy soil is ideal. To avoid accidents, choose a place where children can be seen swinging.

  • The portal’s building material

The metal portal is sealed deep in the ground using a cement concrete. It is appreciated for its lightness and is light but robust. In addition, the metal gate is easy to install. As for the wooden portico, it is easily integrated into the garden. It also provides different layout options: basket, slide, cabin, etc.

The age of the child must be taken into account when choosing a swing. On the market you will find three types of swings intended for children:

  • Swings for babies

Traditional swings are not suitable for children under 3 years. They are still unable to hold the ropes alone to swing. Fortunately, some manufacturers offer multi-age swings and swings that consist of a basket with harness.

  • Swings for small children

Children 3 and 5 years of age do not need tied ropes or trapeze to swing. On the other hand, they especially like to swing and have fun gliding on a swing with an integrated slide.

  • Swings for teenagers

To guarantee hours of fun for children aged 9 and over, opt for the climbing frames with several activities, namely trapeze, climbing wall or ladder, ladder, basketball hoop …

Our choice: a climbing frame with two swings and a slide

We recommend the swing stand with two swings and a Smart Swift slide from the brand WICKEY, which will give your children the opportunity to have fun while enjoying the great outdoors. Durable and resistant, it is made of autoclaved solid wood. This swing stand with integrated slide comes with a wooden climbing ladder with platform. It also has approximate dimensions of 313 x 260 x 215 cm and weighs approximately 119 kg.

The swing set with two swings and slide rail Smart Swift from WICKEY is suitable for children aged between 12 months and 3 years. It can carry a maximum load of 50 kg. For easy installation, this structure comes with detailed instructions. Two secure two-piece covers to hide the screws are also included. Attention ! This climbing frame with double swing and slide is to be used under the supervision of adults. Among other things, it is reserved for household use.

A wooden playground with swing and slide

We offer you the FruitForest playground in apple green from the brand FATMOOSE, as it contains several games, namely a swing, a slide and a climbing ladder. This structure also comes with several game accessories. Robust, it is made of solid wood that has undergone an autoclave treatment. Note that the wood has been perfectly sanded to remove any splinters. The steps on the ladder are grooved so your kids can easily climb them.

FATMOOSE The FruitForest swing and slide playground is easy to set up. In addition, it comes with an illustrated manual with beautiful pictures to better guide you during assembly. In addition, all parts are numbered. On the other hand, this playground poses no danger to children as it is equipped with safety handles. Its solid wooden roof protects, among other things, the small players from UV rays. Please note that this playground measures 286 x 516 x 245 cm and weighs 180 kg.

A swing set made of solid pine

Do you want to build a playground in your garden to entertain your children? We advise you to invest in this set of 2 swings constructed of solid pine impregnated with green from the VidaXL brand. To increase safety, each swing is attached to the specially designed frame with wear-resistant metal hooks. In addition, the ropes of the swings are adjustable.

Blue and brown in color, the set with 2 swings constructed of solid pine from the VidaXL brand weighs 38.35 kg. It can carry a maximum load of 100 kg and measures 230 x 130 x 166 cm. Attention ! This swing stand is suitable for two users at a time. It is recommended for children from 3 years and up. The maximum weight per user is 50 kg. When it comes to mounting the product, the use of a drill is crucial to be able to better insert the screws.

A multicolored 3-in-1 swing

Are you looking for a swing that is suitable for children aged between 6 months and 10 years? We advise you to invest in the 3-in-1 multicolored Swing Set from the Funlio brand. Comes with detachable seat and is equipped with an adjustable rope with a length of 49 cm. This swing is also available with a seat belt. Its rectangular frame is made of durable stretch steel that is strong and stable. It thus poses no danger to children. Note that this outdoor game is CPSC and ASTM certified in the US document and FR 71 in the EU.

In addition, the Funlio Swing Set comes with 4 sandbags to guarantee stability. Her bags are attached to each of her swinging feet. Among other things, you can fill them with bottled water, sand, waste or stones. Note that this multicolored swing measures 76.2 x 43.18 x 20.32 cm and weighs 8.21 cm.

An orange plastic swing

Of superior quality, the TRIBECCO swing seduces us with its non-slip seat made of high-quality plastic and in orange. It is durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly and poses no danger to children’s health. This swing can be installed in your home. Since its seat is unlikely to be discolored by UV rays or altered by the whims of the weather, you can hang it on beams or branches of a tree.

The orange plastic swing from TRIBECCO is TÜV Nord GS certified. It also complies with the applicable standards regarding private playgrounds. It should be noted that this swing weighs 1.35 kg and measures 39 x 36 x 49.1 cm. It also comes with galvanized steel rings to facilitate installation. On the other hand, its maximum load is 50 kg.

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