What are the best outdoor games for kids?

Which outdoor games should you choose for your kids?

Children spend a lot of time sitting, in school and in transport. However, studies show that movement can keep their brains alert and increase their concentration. In addition, the little ones are in front of the screens for an average of 3 hours a day. To make them want to move, you can offer them outdoor games. Here are some ideas for all tastes and ages:

  • Skill games such as petanque, bowling, archery and darts are good at improving concentration. They also promote motor skills;
  • That Games like skipping rope, football and rugby are popular with young athletes.

3-year-olds are full of energy. They will discover the world and love to explore the garden. Why not buy them a playground with climbing nets, ladder, rings and slide? They will be able to train their muscles, their balance and their sense of precision.

At the age of 6, children need to explore and exercise. Your little stuntmen can climb up a ramp to be pinned to the wall. You will also find safe and easy to install climbing pyramids. They will also enjoy sliding down the slides, enjoying the swings, hiding in the cabins and crossing the suspension bridges. Your toddlers will no doubt love gliding on a zipline or jumping on a trampoline.

Outdoor game makers compete in ingenuity to please the little ones. To find the structure that will satisfy your children, several criteria come into play, starting with their age. It is imperative to choose a play tower adapted to your toddler’s abilities and tastes. Also adhere to its habits to find out what kind of outdoor activities it will like: a cabin, a slide, a trampoline, a climbing wall … The available space is also one of the most important elements to consider when choosing an outdoor play area. Allow a clearance of 1.5 to 2 m around the structure. Also, do not neglect the safety aspect by checking the maximum supported load.

In any case, remember to choose structures that can accommodate several children at the same time so that your cherub can invite its friends. You will definitely find the playground that will delight your children among our selection.

Our choice: playhouse for children with slide and ladder

Children dream of owning their own wooden house so they can play hide and seek and imagine stories. For this purpose, we recommend that you offer your little ones this Smoby’s Stilt House. This garden house consists of a 70 cm high platform accessible from a ladder and a slide. It has a stable base and is anti-UV treated to be able to install it in the garden. From the cottage, your children get an overview of the garden. In the hottest hours of the day, they can read or rest in the shade under the playhouse.

Wooden playground, children 1 to 5 years, outdoors and indoors

Are your children bursting with energy? Allow them to work out and have fun by installing this Rinagym climbing frame in wood. We chose it because this playground is one of the fastest models to assemble. This birch wood construction can carry a maximum load of 60 kg. Your toddler and his friends will no doubt love climbing the net or the Swedish ladder, swinging on the rings and sliding down the roller coaster. So many activities that help develop their agility, motor skills and coordination!

sports activity center in plastic

Are you looking for games that can encourage your kids to leave screens and enjoy nature? We suggest this Smoby Fun Center play area. Your little ones need to have something to do all weekend and during the holidays. This sports activity center has two seats. The house has a picnic area with table and 2 benches and a sports corner. It is equipped with a slide, a basketball hoop, a soccer goal, a fire bar and a climbing wall. All parts of this plastic playground are UV-treated for outdoor use.

Playground in cedar, maximum load capacity 150 kg

If your children are bursting with energy, we recommend this Backyard Discovery brand Buckley Hill cedar playground to occupy them. It combines various activities, namely a swing, an 183 cm long slide, a sandbox, a ladder and a two-storey playhouse. This outdoor game helps develop their motor skills and agility while strengthening their muscles. They want to play sports without even being aware of it.

This Buckley Hill playground is made of treated cedar wood to withstand rot and weather damage. Every component of this play tower has been manufactured according to the EN71 standard to ensure the safety of your cherubs.

Wooden cabin with swing, slide, sandpit and picnic

Are you looking for a playground where several children can have fun at the same time? We have chosen this for you Belmont log cabin from Backyard Discovery. It is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years. This play tower includes a shade house, sandpit, 244 cm long slide, trapezoidal pole, ladder and two swings. It is made exclusively of cedar wood treated to withstand weather and rot.

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