10 best indie games of all time

Indie games are passion projects in the gaming world. They are often created by small groups of friends who one day decided their game needed to exist. Due to the lack of restrictions from triple-A companies, indie games have the freedom to experiment with new mechanics and ideas, all on a smaller scale. These games are dripping with love and excitement and often have unique art styles that set them apart from the mainstream games. In their very existence, they demonstrate that with a dream, small groups of developers can make things happen. Join us as we showcase the 10 best indie games of all time.

10 Best Indie Games Ever Made

the underworld

Image via Supergiant Games

Hades is a masterpiece developed by Supergiant Games. With a history of developing great games like Bastion and Transistor, Hades had a lot going for it. For several years, his fans patiently waited for what would become one of the best roguelikes to date.

Hades has a crisp, colorful visual style along with music that enhances each descent into Tartarus. The characters in Hades are unforgettable, well-developed and enrich the narrative atmosphere. The game is also fun to play and the controls are both reliable and smooth. Supergiant’s love of gaming is palpable in Hades, and it’s an interesting game for any roguelike fan.

darkest dungeon

Image via Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon is as fun to play as it looks. The game has a nice gothic art style and every attack animation feels like it has weight and movement. Red Hook Studios put their hearts into developing this game and it shows clearly through the game’s bold aesthetic.

The characters in Darkest Dungeon feel bruised and battered, but spurred on by a glimmer of hope. As a player, you begin to understand your adventurers’ wounds and want to protect them from harm. The stakes are high, but the rewards are higher. Surviving with a sliver of health is just as exciting as seeing death knell is defeat. Overall, Darkest Dungeon is a concoction of razor-sharp gaming thrills and pure aesthetics.


Image via Kitty Horrorshow

Anatomy is an underrated game with an incredibly unique visual style. Developed by Kitty Horrorshow, Anatomy is a horror game that captures the feeling of frantically stumbling down basement stairs after turning off the lights. It’s a game about a house that doesn’t want you to explore its hallways or disturb its rooms.

Although still under the radar, Anatomy is a brilliant game that explores the idea of ​​’home’ and whether it really is as safe as we’d like to believe. It’s experiencing a new renaissance of horror, one defined not by jumpscares, but rather by the painful feeling that you’re unwelcome.

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frost punk

Image via 11-bit studios

Frostpunk is a city-building survival game where you have to keep your people alive no matter the cost. It explores the intersection of morality and survival and tests your ability to make difficult choices. Developed by 11 Bit Studios, Frostpunk features a crisp style and immersive sound effects. For example, the sound of ice cracking under a cold front really sounds like an impending threat.

To protect yourself from the cold, desperate measures are sometimes necessary. Your workers may have to work around the clock to collect coal. Your children can enter the labor market because there are no adults left. How far are you willing to go to survive?

Outer Wildlands

Image via Digital Mobius

Outer Wilds is a personal journey through space that explores duration and the limits of time. In this game, you venture across the galaxy to discover new planets and clues to the past, all within a time loop that takes you back to your home planet. In Outer Wilds, Mobius Digital weaves feelings of “home” and “loneliness” into a beautiful tapestry.

The accompanying score captures the wonders of space as well as the enormity of time. This adventure is deeply personal, and while the time loop constantly looms, there’s always another marshmallow to roast over the Timber Hearth fire.


Image via Daniel Mullins Games

Inscryption takes everything you know about gaming and turns it upside down. Full of twists and turns and an ever-changing rulebook, Inscryption is a wild ride best enjoyed blindfolded. Daniel Mullins has created a game with a visual style that is both deceptively simple and unprecedented. With mechanics as satisfying as lemonade on a hot summer’s day and a soundtrack that only fills the environment through plucked strings, Inscryption is a must-play game for any rascally fan.

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Disco Elysee

Image via ZA/UM

Disco Elysium is a narrative experience that transcends words. The game explores identity, personal history, how your past affects your current actions. You play as Harry, an amnesiac detective who embodies chaos, afflicted by an unidentifiable sense of loss.

Through the testimony of your entourage in the city of Revachol, you discover who you were before amnesia and must accept this information. You must learn to love yourself, despite your past callousness and misery. While the RPG mechanics are groundbreaking and the narrative memorable, the real treasure of Disco Elysium is the people. Each character feels incredibly human and experiences raw human emotions that drive their motivations and personality.

Kentucky Route Zero

Image via cardboard computer

Kentucky Route Zero is a narrative experience that follows the lives of several characters in the barren and strange environment of fictional Kentucky. As these characters, you search for a mysterious highway called The Zero, which may be your saving grace.

With a soundtrack from The Bedquilt Ramblers and visuals to challenge triple-A games, Kentucky Route Zero is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The game has touches of magical realism and feels like a dream you’ve forgotten. Developed by just three people, Kentucky Route Zero is an unforgettable story about a small world where everyone’s story matters.

hollow knight

Image via Cherry Team

Hollow Knight is a graceful game about the duality of peace and chaos. Every once in a while you play a game that feels like the developers had as much fun making it as you did playing it. That’s the game. Every moment of Hollow Knight is a masterpiece, and in-game screenshots can be considered art.

Hollow Knight’s difficulty level offers a rewarding experience for those looking for mountains to climb. Reliable controls mean the only barrier between you and your goals is sheer skill. With each level, the game teaches you new ways to interact with its mysterious world, making each level a truly unique adventure.

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Image via Toby Fox

Undertale is a game created by one man: Toby Fox. The release of Undertale changed the indie scene forever due to its lovable characters and questions of player morality. This game ultimately gives the player the freedom to do whatever they want, for better or for worse. With a soundtrack consisting of 101 songs exclusively composed by Toby Fox, this game exudes creativity and passion. Undertale is a game that redefined gaming, creating a higher expectation for future “choice-case” games.

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