43% discount on purchase fees offered by ProBit and Simplex

From 18 to 31 July, ProBit offers its users a flash sale with -43% discount on Simplex fees to’purchase of crypto by credit card. The platform celebrates its partnership with the fintech provider.

ProBit Global last March gave its users the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies directly on its platform, thanks to a bank card or a SEPA bank transfer for example. Its goal is to make crypto more accessible to followers and facilitate its adoption by the most novice in the field.

The platform first made it possible to buy crypto through about 40 fiat currencies and its partnership with service provider MoonPay, which came into the spotlight in April last year after investments from global stars such as Justin Bieber, Drake or even Post Malone. ProBit Global had also announced that it was in negotiations with other potential partners with the aim of expanding its offering and allowing its users to choose between more fiat currency and payment methods to make their purchases.

This month, ProBit Global is therefore starting a new collaboration with Simplex, an EU-licensed financial institution. Simplex offers a wide range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT and SEPA. The Fiat crypto infrastructure offered by the provider enables financing options that will change the status quo in the current crypto markets. Crypto-to-fiat gateways are simple to use, transparent and secure. Users can convert more than 97 local currencies supported by the platform to digital assets.

ProBit Global offers its users the benefit of its Simplex introductory offer

As new assets are added to the platform every day and the cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering from its meltdown, ProBit Global is celebrating its new partnership with Simplex with its flash sales. For 2 weeks, from 18 to 31 July 2022, ProBit Global users will benefit from one 43% discount on Simplex feesbelow’purchase of crypto by credit card.

While some do not expect further drastic price declines and others believe that the worst liquidity crisis is over, the overall outlook points to a recovery in the general market situation.

This is already the case for BTC, which around June 13 had recorded one of its worst weeks with a market value below $ 1 trillion, but which according to the data again falls back to July 19. CoinGecko without returning to its historic price for November 2021.

ProBit Global’s two-week flash offer with the licensed financial institution allows users to acquire a range of digital assets, including BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT or even DAI with 2% Simplex fees instead of the usual 3.5 % so that they can renew their portfolio because the worst is already over, or at an advanced stage and should not last much longer, according to experts in the cryptosphere.

Get cryptocurrency with Fiat on the ramp feature

At the end of 2017, LendEDU conducted a survey and collected statements from cryptocurrency investors. The survey had then revealed that more than 31% of the 672 respondents had already used the bank card or transfers for their purchases, and 76% had stated that they intended to buy assets in this way.

A study by KPMG France conducted with ADAN, the Association for the Development of Digital Assets, in February 2022 showed that the French, who are still so few in the cryptosphere, feel ready to invest. About 30% of respondents say they are interested in buying digital assets.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, the preferred interfaces for crypto enthusiasts to operate digital assets, have drastically affected and accelerated the global introduction of the latter, as evidenced by a recent analysis by Visa, which reveals that almost half of the total segment of cryptocurrencies use “digital asset exchange first”.

Thanks to its Fiat On-ramp feature and its new partnership with Simplex, ProBit Global offers to convert more than 40 currencies to stablecoins BTC, ETH, USDT but also to USDC and DAI, the latest additions to date.

To make the conversion, users can use the simplified “click-and-buy” interface, select the currency to be used for their purchase and the cryptocurrency they want to acquire. The conversion rates are then displayed automatically. Overall, the buying process is fast, manageable, and the user does not have to resort to placing an order in a secondary market or to sometimes complex intermediate steps. In addition, operational safety has also been improved.

Once the purchase process is complete, the assets are deposited in the wallets and the users can then use the platform to perform their exchanges.

ProBit Global and its fiat on ramp partners

So far, ProBit Global has partnered with 3 fintech providers to make it available cryptocurrency through fiat currency purchases and different payment methods.
It was only with the provider MoonPay that ProBit launched its Fiat On-ramp feature. Fintech offers currency exchange and on-ramp for fiat currencies, allowing users to purchase crypto via conventional payment methods such as credit card or bank transfer, or mobile payment services such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

MoonPay was launched in 2019 with a simple goal: to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and make them easily accessible to all, and now ranks in the Top 50 blockchain and Fintech solution companies.

Today is with Simplex and Banxa that Oslo Børs launches new collaborations. Simplex is a licensed financial institution that allows its extensive network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA and more, while Banxa’s mission is to accelerate the introduction and development of Web3 through its leading global to-and-from-ramp solution.

About Global ProBit

ProBit Global offers its millions of users an intuitive, professional and complete exchange that allows them to trade more than 800 tokens and coins, easily buy crypto with its fiat-on-ramp functionality or execute their strategies. preferred trading platforms with built-in trading of robots.

Global ProBit launches new events every week, such as airdrops, trade competitions, ProBit Exclusive events, has referral programs as well as its own PROB token for action.

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