Discovery, parties, children’s day … What’s going on in Haute-Vienne?

Discover the soil and subsoil of the Spanish forest. Gabbr’Ô Forêt d’Epagne invites you to discover the soil and subsoil of the forest, Saturday 23 July at 2.30 pm Meet in the parking lot at the entrance to the forest. 2 € / adult, free for children under 12 years. In addition, the photo competition with the theme “10 years of emotion with Gabbr’Ô Forêt d’Epagne” continues until 31 October. For all information: Mrs. Terrade on or our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Summer evening in Ambazac

A festive meeting is proposed to you by the group of art and popular traditions Lou Gerbassou d’Ambazac, Saturday, July 23, place of the town hall at. 21.00. This annual and free evening is offered to you as a discovery of Ambazac’s popular traditions through the legacy of 60 years of association life. It is also a friendly opportunity to share the local culture through dances and bourrés inherited from the past, but also the pleasure of getting the public to dance.

Festive weekend in Rilhac-Lastours

On Saturday 23 July from 07.00, the festival committee will organize the Sainte-Marguerite festival. On the program for this patron saint festival: garage sales, exhibition of old tractors, craft stands, horse-drawn carriages and other activities. In the evening, the farmers’ market offers on-site catering. In the evening there will be fireworks. Sunday, July 24 from kl. 9 is the hunting friends’ festival. Presentation of dogs and digging dogs. Underground hunting demonstration. And a nice animation of the rings from Saint-Hubert Arédien Rally. Catering on site with reservation. Information and booking: or

Mussels and fritters and musical evening in Saint-Sulpice-Laurière

On Saturday 23 July, the culture and party committee invites from kl. 19.30 to share a meal with mussels and fritters, with cheese and dessert, under a tent, Place du 8-May-1945 (15 € adults and 8 € under 12 years) old, drinks not included). This meal will be followed by a musical evening, from the 1960s to the present day, hosted by François Cordero. Information: Alain or Danièle

Gourmet Vélorail and Bussière-Galant

The Omnibuss Association invites you to take part in its gourmet cycle track on Saturday 23 July in Bussière-Galant. On the program a festive evening from kl.[U]SPIRI ”, with performances and improvised animations throughout the course. Prices: adult, € 15; children, under 8, € 6. Animations organized by Omnibuss with support from the municipality of Bussière-Galant in connection with the environmental awareness campaigns under the Blue Flag label.

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Children’s Day in Bellac

With the participation of Aappma de Bellac, Guidon bellachon and Haut Limousin en Marche reading network, Bellac is organizing a children’s day on Saturday 23 July from 10.00 to 16.30 in the town hall park and kindergarten Jean-Giraudoux.

10:00: make-up for children, start of mountain bike, sack race, egg race, duck fishing, goal throwing, toy library games, inflatable structure, Fredon “allergy” stand.

10:30: murder party in the Jean-Giraudoux school from 10 years and at registration

12:30: picnic “taken from the bag” at the Jean-Giraudoux school.

14.00: The games resume. This day of free entertainment is open to all children, at the responsibility of the parents.

Empty dressing room

The company Swiblu arranges this Saturday the 23rd of July from kl. 14:00 to 18.00 Republic Place in Limoges, a vacuum dressing. As a reminder, Swiblu, created by Limougeaude Amandine Vaugelade, is an application that offers an outfit when you get out of bed, every day, according to different trends and weather.

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