Free senior dating: the best sites

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No one has ever said that it is forbidden find love in old age. On the contrary, it is so beautiful to find love and spend the last moments we have left to live with your loved one. It is for this reason that many seniors are now starting to look for love by meeting people their age on the internet.

Is it possible to find love as a senior?

Although taboos make people feel that it is impossible find true love while one is senior, the opposite is true. In fact, many so-called elders, even grandparents, have managed to find love and meet their partners. Society often has the impression that the sexual desire of older people is disturbing, and it seems that only sweetness can be accepted by these people.

What are free dating sites for seniors?

Compared to so-called young people, elderly “also need romantic or sexual relationships or both. In fact, despite their considerable age, many people believe that sex is still very important in their lives. The desire may be reduced and the erections may be minimal or the time for intercourse will also decrease, but happiness will not decrease in any way.In fact, happiness will only increase or at worst remain stable.On average, some people have at least one relationship a week and are very happy about it.The most important thing is:

  • Acceptance of the relationship of relatives.
  • Lovers’ happiness.

Dating seniors online

It is precisely through these websites that many veterans can find their partner and fall in love with themselves. Before meet the right person, it all starts with a one-click registration. As you probably understand, everything is done in exactly the same way as the dating sites for young people. Once these seniors think they have found the gem, they can decide to move on. It is by meeting them in real life and then understanding them better and why not, living together and spending the rest of their lives together.

Top free dating sites for seniors

We present you with our selection of best free dating sites for seniors:

Our good years

Dating site Nos Belles Années was launched on the Edarling platform in 2017. It is good for dating those over 50s. Our golden years work through a matching system. This system allows you to get in touch with a configuration file that fits your needs perfectly. The match will result in a personality test so you can really understand your expectations. Once you have completed your profile, you will be able to access the homepage. Our beautiful years ago is very easy to use, just send a message or smile to get in touch with one of the members. In terms of subscriptions, members can get free discounts, but they are still limited. In addition, the price is always acceptable and there will be occasional promotions.


The Parship site was launched in France in 2005 to promote meetings and allows you to find the partners you need, according to your wishes and theirs. Parship’s website is not specifically for seniors, but most users are in their 40s. The members are serious and they want to start a long term relationship. They are well-educated people, with very good professional positions. The site does not have a large community, but quality is paramount. Using the site is simple, itregistration is free and you can take a personality test to create a combination of you as a single person. Thus, the results obtained will allow us to offer you the profile that best suits your needs. In terms of price, it is better to subscribe because the availability of the site is still limited.

Elite meets Senior

The Elite Dating Senior site is for single seniors. If you are very picky about dating, we recommend this site to others. Elite Rencontre Senior actually brings together members with a fairly advanced image, superior training and good professional status. This site uses a matching system to enable you to do so suggest the best partners. Therefore, this site will allow you to meet very serious friends on the basis of trust. As for the price, registration is free, but per get the discountyou must be a member.

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