Insanely in love with his wife, this former cooking program candidate asked her to get married!

This former Top Chef candidate got married last weekend! He reveals some photos of the event via Instagram stories!

Marriage is a process in which boyfriends engage in a deeper relationship. Moreover, this former participant of Top Chef has just passed a major milestone in his life on 16 July. A joyous event full of love.

For yes, fate never ceases to amaze us. As part of this celebration, some photos of this famous day were revealed on Instagram by the groom himself. The details are in the following lines!

Alexis (Top Chef): A fulfilled man

On July 16, 2022, this former Top Chef contestant crossed one of the most important milestones of his life. For the man, the last weekend was special rich in emotion. Between joy, happiness and surprise, the marriage between these two dwarf parrots proved to be breathtaking, but above all moving. Of course, this is one of those events that deserves to be immortalized.

That said, the former Top Chef contestant failed to share some photos of this event, as marked his life. Through his Instagram page, the man had also posted some photos of his beautiful wedding. An announcement that has particularly affected more than one. Especially his promotion of the M6’s cooking show!

In 2017, the channel revealed to the general public the character of Alexis Delassaux in Top Chef. A strict candidate known for his humble character, charismatic and always ready to give the best of himself. That said, the man was able to mark his participation in the show. Unfortunately, Alexis did not have the opportunity to finish the program before the end. Eliminated during the famous episode of La Guerre des Restos, the man thus signed his withdrawal from the adventure.

But for the former Top Chef contestant, his departure has in no way affected her love of cooking. You must know that the man has even made it his job! As we write these lines, Alexis is the manager of a successful restaurant located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. He personally called it “Luz Verde”. Its varied gourmet menu is what makes it stand out from the competition.

The newlyweds radiate happiness!

If the man on the professional side is wildly successful, we can say the same about his love life. The charming candidate for Top Chef has actually found the person he wants to be ready to share his life with. Absolutely wildly in love with Mathilde, he asked for her hand in the eyes of the entire public last weekend.

In addition, the event did not fail to resonate online on the evening of July 16, 2022. Internet users therefore had the chance to discover that the former participant of Top Chef was finally married! Via a snapshot showing Alexis and Mathilde at City Hall, we can look at their faces looks confident

The revealed images were able to allow internet users to discover Alexis in a nice suit in blue. Matched with a white shirt and a butterfly of the same color, the former participant of Top Chef was simply elegant! Of course, we can say that the man has taken his 31 on for this very special occasion in his life.

In the case of dear Mathilde, she was dressed in a beautiful bustier paired with white trousers. A simple yet revealing look that featured well-defined silhouette of the young woman. To get accessories for her style, the wife of the former Top Chef contestant chose a headband with a light veil. All smiling while holding hands, the couple moves gently towards the end of the town hall fence. A cliché that we have certainly seen in many romantic movies.

Top Chef: new unpublished photos have been revealed!

If the clothes from the two newlyweds at City Hall seduced you, wait until you see the look they chose at the church. New content that the former Top Chef contestant revealed on his Instagram account on Sunday, July 17th. Dressed in a black suit and a white shirt with a black butterfly, Alexis looked amazing. In fact, he had one of those looks worthy of a photo model for a big casual suit brand!

Mathilde, meanwhile, once again stood out in her beautiful white dress particularly trendy pattern. At the level of the sleeves, the dress has been sprinkled with a few petal patterns. This makes the look complementary, fresh and ultra original! Mathilde was simply sublime. Accompanied by her companion, the woman, pulling a long veil, walks to the end of the church. Beautiful pictures that exactly inspire the taste of happiness!

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