multiplication of attacks related to cryptocurrencies

In the UK, a wave of attacks is targeting crypto traders. Police have warned that “thousands of pounds have been stolen” by criminals looking for opportunities to access other people’s wallets and transfer money to their own accounts, according to a new report.

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The article was published by The Guardian, which obtained a number of anonymous reports from the City of London Police under the Freedom of Information Act.

The “crypto attacks” would have mainly taken place in the second half of 2021 in the capital’s financial district. They have been described as “apparently opportunistic street incidents similar to robbery for money or valuables.”

Phil Arissleader of the cryptocurrency team within the cybercrime program for National Police Chief Councilreportedly said that “police officers are being trained in a variety of cryptocurrency-related crimes” – but noted that officers are also “seeking ways to inform the public” about the need to be vigilant about the use of crypto applications in public spaces.

Ariss was quoted as saying:

“You would not go down the street and show banknotes. That should apply to people with cryptocurrencies.”

One of the victims actually appears to have carried out transactions on during a “night out in a pub” – his phone was stolen and about $ 12,300 in cryptocurrency and / or fiat was pulled out of his wallet.

The police report says that “the victim used his phone at the pub and believes the thieves saw him enter his account code.”

In another of the anonymous reports, officers explained that a victim was trying to order one Uber on the street was assaulted by a group of people who took the phone and then returned it: the victim later realized that he had been robbed of $ 6,136 ETH from an account Coin base.

Another man allegedly decided to walk down an alley with a “group of unknown people offering to sell him cocaine.” The man agreed to hand over his phone to these strangers so they could “dial a number into his phone.”

“Instead,” the business continues, “the gang” “accessed his crypto account, held it against a wall, and forced him to unlock a smartphone app with face verification” – ran off with XRP d worth $ 7,366.

In a rather graphic description for anyone familiar with London’s nightlife, The Guardian writes:

“A victim said he threw up under a bridge when an attacker forced him to unlock his phone using a fingerprint, and then changed his security settings before stealing $ 35,228, including cryptocurrencies.”

David Gerardthe author of a book entitled Attack on 50-foot Blockchainwould have said:

“People keep huge sums of cryptocurrency in their accounts. They in no way think it’s money.”

Gurvais Griggthe public sector CTO for the blockchain analysis firm chain analysiswas quoted as saying that while police have the tools to hunt down crypto-criminals, officers were “less likely to have the resources to pursue petty, one-time crimes.”

Grigg said:

“An isolated theft of a small amount may not attract the attention of the police or a large law enforcement agency. If these activities had a higher frequency as part of a criminal conspiracy, the police would probably be more vigilant.”

On Redditors, some tried to see the bright side, referring to the recent price drop for a little dark humor. A Redditor wrote:

“My phone is worth more than my wallet right now.”

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