Party. A summer on the Tessou farm, black pigs and workshops for children, they love it

During the inauguration Eric Caillard the breeder and Fabien Jouves the winemaker (© JCB)

This is the story of a meeting, a matter of passion; thus was born the project of Tessou farmlaunched three years ago at Villesèque, by Eric Caillardwith Fabien’s participation Mas del Périé Vinbonde Jouves. Common point between the two men: the love of the country. The winegrower ceded a few acres of forest to this born farmer, whose calling had hitherto been thwarted by the whims of life. And each goes his own way and shares the search for expertise.

The Tessou farm is located on the Villesèque commune, Route de la Gentillade, 5 minutes from Cahors, by taking the D 653.

“Brand value for the territory”

Among the elected officials who came to inaugurate the Tessou farm, in the heart of the forest, Villesèque municipality: Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure, president of Grand Cahors, with Serge Bladinières, chairman of the municipal community of the Lot Valley and of the vineyard, Jean -Marie Oustry Mayor of Villesèque and Pascal Lavaur, Mayor of Trespoux-Rassiels. Eric Caillard presented all the special features of this breeding, of course, mentioning the nutrition of the animals and the use of organic supplies.

full outdoors

21 black Gascon pigs in 2020, 90 today, this exponential growth is part of silvopastoralism and agroforestry; an organic farming method practiced from full outdoor breeding with a density of 10 pigs per. In addition, in summer there is a means of cooling the animals and in winter a heating system. Initially supported by a circle of relatives, productions on the Tessou farm have now gained momentum, with a recognition that is gradually spreading beyond the department. The meat from the Tessou farm is valued by good chefs, both in Lot and abroad. For several months, the taste of black Gascon pigs has also been found at the Saturday market in Cahors and at the Saint-Daunès market. A new dimension is now taking shape on the Tessou farm, with its welcome to the public and in particular to young people. Tessou Farm has become an educational and discovery space for classes and for families who want to experience moments in the great outdoors. “We want to share our approach to nature and animals; breeding offers a framework for observing the life cycle of the animal, with reproduction, births, feeding and animal welfare, which we monitor from start to finish » insists Eric Caillard. Hence the creation of discovery workshops led by Noëllie Caillard, Eric’s wife, herself a part-time schoolteacher and developed “nature workshops” on the Tessou farm. Through a playful 1.5 km route marked by photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, elements are distilled that promote awareness of the impact of human activity on the planet. Steps have been taken towards the Lycée du Montat to further expand the areas of interest for this farm and its innovative activities, carried out in the light of sustainable development.

During the inauguration of the Tessou farm
During the inauguration of the Tessou Farm (JCB)


– Jean-Marie Oustry: “I admit that I was skeptical of this project in the beginning and I am all the more happy today for its success! Congratulations on having linked the breeding of the educational dimension for young people and all those who are interested for organic farming. “

– Serge Bladinieres: “This quality project honors the territory and satisfies all those seeking expertise.”

– Pascal Lavaur: Congratulations on the educational dimension of this farm and for your commitment to maintaining animal welfare! »

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– Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure: “We are aware today that we are at the end of a production method, the Tessou farm makes sense for breeding in line with a concern for sustainable development. I pay tribute to the added value that such an initiative brings to the area, and which is based on the environment. “

Family workshops

Family workshops are offered at Tessou Farm every Friday from 9.30 to 12.00 for children from 4 to 10 years. Next scheduled workshops:

– Friday the 22nd July : “Land’art”, children love to create a work of art of elements gathered in nature …

– Friday the 29th July : workshop on the theme “Recycling Games”. It is about making games from natural materials collected in the forest.

– Friday the 12th August : “Traveling reading stories and drawing animals”; through stories about the pig, children are invited to draw …

– Friday the 19th August : “Playing footprints with the ground”; the children in “artist” mode, create their own work of pebbles, leaves and other plants collected on site.

Info & prices : Family workshops (child: 5.50 € – adult: 6.50 €) – Limited number of places. Provide closed shoes, a water bottle and a hat.

Reservation : 06 44 12 22 46

Farm visits

Guided tours of the farm are arranged with tasting at the key, from 6 years, from kl. 10.00 to 12.30 (children: 5.50 € – adult: 7.50 €)

Possibility to receive groups of a maximum of 30 people

Possibility of picnic on site.

Reservation : 06 44 12 22 46

Markets with Tessou Farm

– in Cahors: during Saturday morning market, in July and August (except Saturday 6 August), Galdemar (near the hall),

– in Saint-Daunès (local producers): Thursdays 11, 18 and 25 August from 18.30, catering on site.

Contact: 06 44 12 22 46

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