Pete Davidson: focus on his most significant and unusual tattoos …

Tattoos, Pete Davidson has almost as many as conquests. It’s very simple, the new treasure of Kim Kardashian, who is also the ex of many celebrities (fromAriana Grande on Kaia Gerber Passing by Phoebe Dynevor) has its body simply covered in tattoos and some, more than others, have a very special meaning.

Hard to know how many he actually has, the sources contradict each other, some say they would have about 70, while others talk about a hundred tattoos. Drawings or words marked with indelible ink that are a kind of visual representation of the life story of the 28-year-old American comedian and comedian.

Some are reminiscent of his love storiesothers tribute to his loved oneswhile several of them are intended to be relatively light and humorous.

Pete Davidson: tattoo as therapy

His first tattoos, the former tenant of Saturday Night Live, did not make it really for fun. It was actually a way for him to camouflage the scars from the wounds he had inflicted by mutilating his chest. The tattoo has therefore become almost therapeutic or even bulging for him, as he explained in 2020 in the columns of Inked magazine: “I started getting tattoos on my chest to cover my scars. It’s just an ejaculation when I’m sad, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me feel comfortable.” It should be known that Pete Davidson has a physical and mental health for the less fragile as he suffers from Crohn’s disease, in addition to being afflicted with a borderline personality disorder.

Pete Davidson: his tattoos in homage to his father

Among his most significant tattoos, Pete Davidson has six dedicated to his father, Scott Davidson, a New York firefighter who lost his life in the collapse of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

As a tribute to his father, whom he lost when he was barely 7 years old, Pete Davidson got a tattoo on his arm of the numbers ‘8418’, which corresponds to his father’s firefighter brand number.

His second tattoo, in memory of his father, represents a kneeling firefighter, drawn on his arm. The third is simply the number 11 (for September 11) tattooed behind his ear, and the fourth is a fire helmet. The fifth has the shape of a weeping heart accompanied by his father’s initials. As for the sixth, it is the prayer of the firemen: “Allow me to pay attention and hear the faintest scream”.

Pete Davidson: his tattoos that refer to his love stories

Pete Davidson has several tattoos with reference to his romances. Including several that have been covered after its rupture.

When he started dating Ariana Grande, he got a tattoo on his neck with the phrase “a thousand tenderness”which occurs in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of Ariana Grande’s favorite movies. The term has since been covered by the word “Cursed”.

He got a tattoo of the rabbit ears that the singer wore on the album cover Dangerous woman, behind his left ear. A tattoo now covered with a big black heart.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got the word tattoos“reborn” on their hands during their five-month relationship. After their break, the interpreter of Jobs has covered his with a pattern resembling a feather.

Pete Davidson also had the word inscribed on it “Big” on the right side of the chest. A tattoo covered with a black keyhole side. Not to mention “AG” the singer’s initials tattooed on her thumb, covered by a small dragon.

Pete Davidson has a tattoo of Piggy Smallz, the pet pig he adopted with Ariana Grande during their relationship.

Pete Davidson had a tattoo that represented his ex Cazzie Davidas he had trees and a moon cover when he started dating Ariana Grande in May 2018.

Pete Davidson also did a joint tattoo with his friend Miley cyrus. Referring to their SNL shit in 2017, they got a joke tattoo: “We babies”. A tattoo that Pete had lasered off a few months later without telling Miley …

Pete Davidson: his controversial tattoos inspired by Kim Kardashian

Barely a few months they are together and Kim Kardashian has already inspired Pete Davidson for more tattoos.

He already has 3 dedicated to the reality TV star: “My girl is a lawyer” (“My Girl is a Lawyer”) on the collarbone with reference to Kim’s law studies. He also had the name Kardashian inscribed on his chest. His latest tattoo is with five letters: “KNSCP” inscribed on his neck. These refer to the initials of Kim Kardashian and her four children she had with Kanye West: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Not very well received, the tattoo did not fail to cause revolt on social networks. Many people saw this as a lack of respect for Kanye West, which forced Pete to have it laser erased a few days later …

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