Sophie Davant as a couple? Discover the men in her life

Sophie Davant is a key figure in French television. After separation from the father of his two children in 2012, the presenter was onAgreement entered into lost a little in his love life, as we saw in our last article on Sophie Davant’s love situation. However, water has flowed under the bridges and the 50-year-old has now been in a relationship for some time. Who is Sophie Davant in a relationship with? Who are the men in her life?

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Summary of the profile of Sophie Davant

Full name Sophie Marie-Lise Davant
Sex Women
Date of birth May 19, 1963
Age 59 years old
Zodiac sign Bull
Chinese characters Hare
Place of birth Bordeaux, Gironde, France
Home address Paris, France
Nationality French
ethnicity Caucasian
sexual orientation hetero
Cut 163 cm
Weight 55 kg
Eye color light brown
Hair color blonde hair
Relationship status divorced Pierre Sled (2012),in a relationship with William Leymergie
Children Nicolas Sled, Valentine Sled
Professional activities TV host,radio spaekerine,editor-in-chief
Twitter @sodavant
Facebook Sophie Davant
instagram @sophie_davant

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Sophie Davant’s divorce in 2012

As they say, “all good things must have an end”. After no less than 23 years of love and cohabitation, Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled decided to divorce in early 2012. The reason is that the host forAgreement entered into fell in love with another man. The former girlfriends had two children who are now adults, namely Nicolas and Valentine.

Her relationship with her ex-husband

Since their breakup in 2012, Sophie Davant has not definitively cut ties with her ex-husband. If Pierre Sled has rebuilt his life on his side, the father of Nicolas and Valentine has not stopped maintaining a friendly relationship with Sophie Davant. At the time of their separation, the ex-boyfriends had agreed to prioritize the happiness of their dear children and ensure that their divorce does not affect them.

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In order not to lose touch with their offspring, Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled have adopted a kind of family ritual. A tradition that wants their parents, even divorced, to find themselves in front of a good dinner with Nicolas and Valentine. Moreover, the latter testifies to the importance of this family moment by revealing for Gala :

My father lives in Rome, but he often returns to Paris. As soon as he comes, the tradition is that the four of us have dinner, with him, my mother, my brother and me.

Sophie Davant Pierre Sled
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Her love life after her divorce

For Sophie Davant, the divorce was with the father of her two children “a painful sorrow to live” as she herself states in her book with the title It’s time to choose your life! . In the same book, Caroline Margeridon’s colleague also talks about her sentimental situation after the break-up with Pierre Sled, especially in relation to her previous relationship with Erik Orsenna and Georges Menut:

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[…] we have a good relationship today. I have nothing to hide. But the other two people you mention there were stolen pictures, but I never talked about them. I do not want to feed the gossip. I had other stories after Pierre, period.

Sophie Davant was in a relationship with Erik Orsenna

Some time after his separation from Pierre Sled, the host ofAgreement entered into got a relationship with the academic Erik Orsenna. Their love story quickly made headlines. After starting their romance in March 2012, Sophie Davant and Eriko Orsenna broke up in the fall of 2013.

The author, who is sixteen years older than the TV host, holds a flattering memory of this romance. At the very beginning of their relationship, Erik Orsenna confided in his surprise RMC :

If I had one day been told that such a beautiful lady as Sophie Davant would find me in her liking, then I would honestly have been amazed, and I continue to be amazed, by the way. […] What’s happening to me is hallucinatory, hallucinatory. I can not believe.

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The two former boyfriends remained good friends, even after their breakup. Furthermore, Sophie Davant admits that she does not want to deny any of her previous relationships, including her story with Erik Orsenna. This is what she confessed in July 2020 to the magazine Both of us. A beautiful proof of maturity for the beautiful fifties who have the courage to assume their past.

The romance between Sophie Davant and Georges Menut

Georges Menut, well-known restaurateur and owner of several Parisian restaurants, is also among the men with whom Sophie Davant was in a relationship. The owner of The great waterfall and Sophie Davant lived a three-year romance, which ended in a rather strange separation. As with her previous relationship, Sophie Davant’s break with Georges Menut has been the subject of discussion among French viewers.

It was in February 2019 that the magazine Here is reveals the separation of Sophie Davant and Georges Menut in her titles. A bride who quite surprised the general public because the couple seemed solid and the beautiful blonde has even already considered marriage.

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The reasons for this separation are quite unclear. Some media outlets mention that the implosion of the Sophie Davant couple and the famous chef would be caused by the host’s obscene humor. France 2 when she presents her animations. However, in the absence of confirmation from the two main stakeholders, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sophie Davant in a relationship with William Leymergie

Nicolas Sled’s mother is now in a relationship with William Leymergie, with whom she had a long-term friendship before switching to a love story. According to information collected by Closerwhich was the first medium to reveal this romance, Sophie Davant and William Leymergie have been in a relationship for almost a year.

Despite the silence of the two dwarf parrots on the rumors circulating about them, the magazine Here is removed the doubt by revealing a snapshot in which Sophie and her treasure kiss gently. Sophie Davant and the journalist from C8 seems to live a passionate story.

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Yes, Closer reports in its issue of June 10, 2022, that they are taking the next step in their relationship. Sophie Davant and William Leymergie therefore plan to move in together and are looking for a house not far from Paris.

sophie davant and william leymergie as a couple
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Was Sophie Davant really in a relationship with Harold Hessel?

Sophie Davant and Harold Hessel animate together Agreement entered intoa hit show that airs on France 2. In a rumor suggesting a possible crush between Sophie Davant and her colleague, Closer stated on its pages:

When he shows up to have an item brought by a buyer valued, Sophie is no longer the same. Twisting, even naughty, the astonishing fifty-something indulges in a game of seduction.

Despite an apparent appearance on the screens, no evidence has so far been presented of what has been performed. Faced with this fake news, Sophie Davant preferred to remain silent, no doubt not to feed the rumor. Unlike the journalist who talked about “an instant click” between his colleague and himself during his interview with Gala.

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Despite the gaits of the times, Sophie Davant is actually in a relationship and fulfilled in her current relationship with William Leymergie. We wish them all the best!


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