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Our colleagues from the Poteaux-Carres.com site have accustomed us to high-quality interviews. He strikes again very hard by offering a long interview with David Guion, coach of the Girondins de Bordeaux. As a former member of the house, he also directed Victor Lobry and Mathieu Cafaro during his adventure in Reims. He draws a portrait of the two men. Pull out.

Victor Lobry

“Victor is a boy I know very well, I knew him in almost all his training, knowing that he was already at the club and at the Pôle Espoirs de Reims during his pre-training.”

“He is able to play anywhere in midfield. Because of his volume, because of his technique, I made him play in 8. Victor likes to run, he was able to do “box to box “, as they say. And with his left foot, he was very interesting. It also allowed him to complete his technical baggage at all levels. Lacking a little bit of liveliness in the tight, he was in a bit of trouble at times . I think he’s improved on that too. .”

“His strong quality, his career testifies to that, is that he never gives up. That’s the first thing. Victor has character, he has volume. And technically, he has all the basics you need. He’s not a great technical player, but he’s got everything.”

“Victor has the qualities and the trajectory of a player who has a good chance of playing in the top flight. Imagine the character it takes for him, at 27, to finally find himself at a big French club. is that he has worked a lot , Victor works a lot. With this character, he will continue to advance, especially since he will be surrounded by very good players. The more he is surrounded by good players, the better he will be!”

Mathieu Cafaro

“Mathieu is an interesting boy because when you see his physique you are far from imagining it, but he is a player who puts a lot of intensity into everything he does. He is able to sprint, he is able to repeat sprints, he’s really able to equalize his opponent by repeating sprints. Technically, he really has a gift of footwork which allows him to be very effective on strike. He has a very good profile.”

“Mathieu is an unpredictable boy in the last part of the field, he is able to trigger decisive gestures. And that is important in our football. Afterwards he is a boy who has to be in the challenge, to always be in question, so it is effective.

I think about the last two or three years. He got married and he told me yesterday that he was having his second child. I think it’s all good for him. His loans abroad must also have brought him maturity. I saw one or two of his matches with Standard, I thought he was good. I think he is a mature boy now. I can see him having a great season.”

Mathieu CAFARO of REIMS and Mahdi CAMARA of AS Saint-Etienne during the Ligue 1 match between Stade Reims and AS Saint-Etienne at Stade Auguste Delaune on January 9, 2021 in Reims, France. (Photo: Valentin Desbriel/Icon Sport)

“Two very good children”

“Honestly, they’re two very good kids, two very good boys.

Mathieu is a bit mischievous (laughs), a bit clever, but in the good sense of the word. No problems. He sees everything, he’s smart as hell. In a group there is no problem, he is able to set the mood.

Victor, then he’s a cream. Everything is always fine, he will always be in a good mood. Victor, he likes to play football. Given his background, his eyes will shine every morning.”

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