7 films to see at the cinema this summer with the kids!

What movies or cartoons will attract parents and their heirs to theaters during the summer holidays?

The dark rooms are ideal for passing the time and cooling off during the summer holidays. And when you see the temperatures outside, spending long minutes in the cool with children mesmerized by a cartoon projected on the big screen, it really is a good idea.

But suddenly, what are we going to see this summer?

1 – Mia and me: the heroine of Centopia

Mia, heroine from the hit series’ first film adventure Mia and me which is available on Netflix.

Summary: “Thanks to a bracelet inherited from her parents, Mia can dive into the heart of the magical world of Centopia, where she appears as an elf. While Lotus Island is in danger, she will have to team up with new allies and face the vile Toxor to protect the kingdom to which she is so attached. During this thrilling journey, Mia is led to make a decision that could change everything…”

From 6 years, from 20 July in the cinema.

2 – Buzz Lightyear, still playing

A new movie based on the coolest hero in the Toy Story universe.

Summary: “After being stranded with his commander and crew on a hostile planet 4.2 million light years from Earth, Buzz Lightyear tries to bring everyone back safely. For this he can count on the support of a group of ambitious young recruits and on his adorable robot cat, Sox. Alas, the arrival of the dreaded Zurg and his army of ruthless robots will not make their task any easier.”

From 6 years, in cinemas since 22 June.


3 – The Minions 2: Once upon a time there was Gru

A sequel to Despicable Me but not really, based on Gru, our Master’s youth at all.

Summary: “While the ’70s were in full swing, Gru, who grew up in the suburbs amid bell-bottom jeans and flowery hair, hatched a Machiavellian plan to successfully integrate a famous group of supervillains known as the Vicious 6, of which he is the biggest admirer. »

From 6 years, in cinemas since 6 July 2022.

THE MINIONS 2 Trailer VF (2022) New

4 – Tommy’s birthday

The story of a little rabbit, in a film directed by Michael Ekbladh with the voices of Fanny Roy and David Macaluso.

Summary: Tommy, a young rabbit, lives peacefully with his family in a beautiful house, surrounded by many friends. But the birth of her little sister shakes up the habits, and because of her, the birthday party of her five-year-old is in danger of being compromised…”

From 3 years, in the cinema since 8 June.

Tommy's Birthday |  Official Trailer HD |  Gebeka movie

5 – Ducobu President!

The continuation of the adventures of the most difficult student in France.

Summary: “A new school year starts for Ducobu! At Saint Potache School, a special election will take place to select the student body president. This is the beginning of a somewhat crazy election campaign, in which the two main opponents will initiate: Ducobu and Léonie. With the help of his friend Kitrish and his many gadgets, Ducobu cheats like never before and wins the election. Amusement park in the yard, return from siesta, elimination of vegetables in the canteen… Because Latouche is enough!”

From 6 years, in cinemas since 13 July 2022.

DUCOBU PRESIDENT!  Trailer (2022) French comedy

6 – Krypto and the super animals

A superhero animal story, funny and cute all the way.

Summary: “Krypto, Superman’s super dog, faces a huge challenge: to rescue his master, kidnapped by Lex Luthor and his evil guinea pig Lulu. For this, he will have to team up with a bunch of good-hearted but rather clumsy animals. »

From 6 years in the cinema from 27 July.


7 – Tad Explorer and Emerald Table

3rd part of Tad’s adventure, after Tad explorers in search of the lost city in 2013 thereafter Tad and the Secret of King Midas in 2018.

Summary: “Tad Stone’s dream is to be recognized as a great archaeologist, but all his attempts to be accepted by Ryan, the brilliant expedition leader and his colleagues turn out to be a failure. Opening a sarcophagus, he unleashes a curse that will endanger the lives of his friends. To end this curse and save Mummy, Jeff and Bernardo, Tad and Sara embark on new adventures that will take them from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt. This perilous journey will cause Tad to cross paths with Agent Ramirez and Victoria Moon, an expert in the occult sciences. »

From 6 years, in the cinema on 24 August.


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