An old man rejected by his children receives a call from a young girl who asks him to lead her to the altar

An old man neglected by his children is confused when he receives a call from a girl asking him to lead her to the altar. He decides to meet her and find out who she is, while karma teaches her children a lesson the hard way.

John is a single parent who raised his two children, Anna and Harry, with love and care after his wife died when they were still young.

Unfortunately, as a cashier in a grocery store, John didn’t make much money, and they sometimes had to live paycheck to paycheck. Nevertheless, he did his best for his children and provided them with a good life.

But as John’s old age approached, his children monopolized him and then neglected him. They moved into his house with their families and threw him out to live in their barn. Jean blamed himself terribly, but he couldn’t do much.

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One morning John was sitting in the barn looking at the family album. He couldn’t hold back the tears thinking how quickly time had passed and how his children had grown up and decided to get away from him.

He slowly brushes away his tears and hopes for a miracle that can change the course of his life. Suddenly his phone rings. He goes up to see who is calling and discovers that it is an unknown number.

He still answers the phone because, apart from bank tellers with loan and credit card offers, he doesn’t get many calls. He answers with a hello and hears a soft voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi John,” she said. “I hope you’re well. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

John takes the phone out of his ear and looks at the number again. It does not recognize the number or the caller. How did she know his name?

“I’m afraid I don’t recognize you, miss. Who are you? Have we met before?” he asked confused.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexels

The girl laughs. “Of course, John! We’ve met before! And after everything you’ve done for me, I just have one last request. Will you walk me down the aisle?”

The request gave John a chill. Was it a joke?

“Listen, miss,” he replied. “I’m afraid you dialed the wrong number. Maybe you were looking for another John and not me. Sorry, I can’t help you. Goodbye…” He was about to hang up when he heard a loudly “Please”.

“Please don’t!” She practically screamed into the phone as John pressed the phone to his ear once more. “I didn’t call a wrong number. How about we meet somewhere? Trust me, I can explain everything….”

The woman told John the location of a restaurant and offered him a meeting time. Before hanging up, she said, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

John had never been so confused in his life so he decided to meet her and find out how she knew him. Two days later, when he arrived there, he saw a young girl waiting for him at a table.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

John still doesn’t recognize her, but when she sees him, her eyes widen and she smiles and waves her hand. John sits down at the table and looks at her in confusion.

“Can you recognize me now?” she asks happily and John shakes his head. “I’m afraid not,” he said.

“My name is Clara, John!” the girl says, and something happens in John’s head.

“You may be mad at me right now, but you’ll thank me one day…”

“A few months ago I was outside this restaurant, pregnant, hungry and tired,” she added. “I didn’t have a crown on me, but no one helped me except you, John. I hadn’t eaten for three days and I thought I was going to die with the baby in my stomach. . . “, she confessed, caressing her stomach. “You saved us, John… You saved my daughter and me!”

John now remembers everything. He had met Clara a few months before. Her parents threw her out of the house because they were against her pregnancy. They didn’t want to support her and she had no way to support herself after the baby’s father said he had nothing to do with her or the baby. But things have changed dramatically for her since then.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexels

“Two months ago I found a job as a waitress here,” adds Clara. “I also met my husband here. This place has always been very special to me John. I wanted to see you again and I found your contact in one of our files. I’m sorry if I scared you “, she added, drawing a small smile.

John’s eyes sparkled. “Oh!” he laughs. “This old age has really gotten to me! How could I not recognize you? I am happy for you, my dear. Have you chosen a name for your little angel?”

“Well, I’d be glad if you did, John,” she added with a smile. “Graham and I would like you to sponsor the baby. He couldn’t come today because he’s out of town. . . . We sincerely hope you won’t say no. . . .”

At this point John burst into tears. There was a stranger who treated him with the dignity he had never received from his children. They never liked him, and then there was Clara, who not only wanted him to walk her down the aisle, but also to be her child’s godfather.

John couldn’t hold back the tears over Clara’s proposal. “Oh, come here,” he whispers, hugging her. “I would love to, dear. I would love to…”

When John came home that day, he felt like the happiest person in the world. Suddenly he noticed his grandson, Adam, trying to build something out of wood.

For illustrative purposes only.  |  Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexels

“What are you doing here, Adam?” he asked Anne gently as he approached them.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to play here? Look at all that dirt on your clothes!” she shouted angrily.

But Adam had a big smile on his face. “You may be mad at me right now, but you’ll thank me one day, Mom…I’m building a house for you to live in when you grow old, just like grandpa lives in our barn!”

As Adam said this, Anne’s face flushed with shame. She was so embarrassed she couldn’t look John in the eye.

For John, however, it seemed that God had answered his prayers and the miracle he was hoping for had happened. His children ended up apologizing to him and things improved between them and him.

He moved in with his children and no longer had to live in the barn. Not to mention he formed a wonderful bond with Clara as godfather to her baby and had the honor of walking her down the aisle as a proud father.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Our children learn from us and actively address our actions. Adam innocently called out Anna’s disrespectful behavior to Jean when he said he was building a barn for her to live in when she was old. Anne had done the same to Jean by throwing him out of her house.
  • Kindness is like a boomerang, it always comes back to you. John helped Clara when she had no one by her side and in return he found family in her when he was at the lowest point in his life and felt bad about being neglected by his children.

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