Fontenay under the Sun is stationed in all districts

On this rainy Wednesday, the kids dodge the showers to rush to the ice wall or stand in line for their waffles. Bicycle repair, ceramic painting, colouring: on the concrete sports ground, the entertainers hold their stand to the dance music of Dadju, Maître Gims or Magic System.

In place since 2005, this summer highlight in Fontenay-sous-Bois has evolved over time. “In the beginning, all the entertainment was concentrated in the Epivans park [situé à proximité du Fort de Nogent]but we didn’t attract the same audience”explains Niouma Kanouté, district officer for the city for 7 years. “Then, at the end of the confinement, we sent to the different towns in the city. The initiative was popular, so since last year we have also expanded to more residential areas, such as the Rigollots or the City Hall, to reach an even wider audience. “ continues the forties, with 17 years of experience in the city’s entertainment centres.

If the animations have become itinerant from one district to another, Epivans Park and the adjacent Merlen Stadium continue with daily installations and activities and festive times such as fireworks, concerts, galas and more karaoke…
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On the plate, Secours Populaire takes the opportunity to present the Day of the Forgotten Holidays, which will take families to Deauville on August 24. “Events of this type are also an opportunity to make these units visible in the neighborhoods”, explains Julie Pedraza, Chief of Staff to the Prefect for Equal Opportunities. In this context, Fontenay-sous-Soleil benefits from the Quartiers d’Été label, which allows it to benefit from financial support from the State.

Granites and grappling

For the city’s children, it’s an opportunity to discover new activities… or just laugh together. “We mainly come here to meet friends”, witnesses Lola 11 years, accompanied by Myriam and Taylis, her two cousins. Kelvis, his cousin, is thinking only of the evening’s barbecue planned in the courtyard of the Romain Rolland school, a stone’s throw from them. Their lips blue from the blueberry-flavored granitas distributed by the entertainers, six brothers and sisters proudly display the wooden boards they have decorated. “The best are the inflatable games in the park”slice the oldest, referring to the facilities at the stadium in the Parc des Épivans.

On the adult side, we try our best fightinga martial art at the intersection of judo and wrestling. “The biggest difference is that the fight doesn’t stop once the opponent is knocked down” explains William, coach of Spirit, the city club. “I had done something a year and a half ago. I’m Rediscovering I Love”, explains a participant trying to catch his breath.

© Raphael Bernard
William (in orange), in the middle of grappling practice.

Right next to the ring is the crossfit workshop, less combative but at least as intense. The activity is overseen by Jean-Jacques Olivier, known as “Hercule”, European boxing champion in 2022, light-heavyweight category. If he assures that the session he has made is suitable for “people who are not necessarily used to sports”the program seems full of squats, jumpers, mountain climbers, burpees and repetitive wear.

Around him six mothers and three twentysomethings. Before the training ends, only one boy remains, despite the master’s encouragement. “It’s a good motivation to resume. Usually I do sports alone, but in a group it is more motivating”, Jordan says, after letting go. Sandrine and Mira in their forties already take the cardio training course during the year. But summer is not an excuse to rest on your laurels: “We don’t give up! Otherwise we lose stamina, resistance, we lose all our achievements. And we don’t do it just to lose weight. Sport is also good for morale!”

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