Love friendship: here’s how to declare your love for your friend without risking breaking your friendship

From friendship to love, sometimes there is only one step…which not everyone always dares to take for fear of colliding with the boundaries of friendzonia. But how do you react when feelings of friendship turn into feelings of love, creating an increasingly ambiguous climate in your relationship with this person that was originally supposed to be “just a friend” ? Indeed, this situation is not always easy to deal with, since by confessing your love to a friend, you risk potentially losing it, in case he/she reacts badly to this unexpected declaration (or not) or the feelings don’t become reciprocated.

According to science, it is even recommended to date your best friend, as suggested by a study published in 2017, in which American scientists asked almost 1,000 adults if they considered their current partner their best friend. A question to which a large majority of respondents (83%) answered affirmatively. This suggests that the secret to a satisfying romantic relationship would be, above all, to consider your partner as a friend.

Loving friendship: how to tell a friend that you are in love with her or him?

The first thing you need to do before you start is to analyze the situation in order to identify the signs that could indicate that your “best friend”, is in a good position to become your “best lover”. Looks that speak volumes, unusual compliments, tender gestures, special attention, a little teasing, more and more recurring one-on-one moments are all little things that indicate a friendly relationship is developing. This feeling can sometimes be as exciting as it is terrifying on one side or the other, and therefore it is possible to feel a kind of reluctance on the part of the other side, which does not dare to get carried away and move up a gear, for fear of regretting it later.

The notion of timing is therefore important if you want to go through the process of confessing your feelings to your friend. You should make sure that he/she is ready to hear what you have to say and also ready to start a possible serious relationship with you. If he.she is just recovering from a heartbreak, or if his goal is not to settle down romantically at all, then it is better not to risk ruining a friendship for it. The complicated issue of emotional and romantic availability…You must tell yourself that you can feel very strong feelings of friendship, which almost resemble love, but which are not love at all.

If all signals are green and all you need to do is get started, it will take some work on letting go, to make all your inhibitions fly away, all restraint and let your heart speak. Letting go of the fear of seeing your friendship fall apart won’t be easy, but the frustration of not being able to tell your friend that you love them more than as a friend will be much harder to overcome. Risk-taking can pay off, and in this case, you will only have good reasons to rejoice.

Love friendship: what are the good sides of dating your best friend?

You also need to see all the good sides of going out with your friend. You already know each other by heart, cooperation and trust are already there, all the foundations of a solid relationship are also there, in short, all the construction work is done, so all that remains is to add the necessary cement to make this relationship last love story a lasting way without any of these pillars collapsing.

Loving friendship: how to assume it with those around you?

As for knowing whether to take on this loving friendship with those around you, or to hide out of shame or for who knows what other reason, the final choice is up to you, but know that it is not There is no reason to be ashamed of this relationship and to hide it, since in the end those around you already know you and therefore usually have no reason to disapprove of this relationship.

The challenge will be more to succeed in marrying passion and tenderness without losing that friendly complicity and “good delirium” that made you good friends before you fell in love.

Love friendship: if it works in the series, does it work in real life?

Although it is only fiction and the relationship trajectories are not exactly the same in real life, many couples in the series illustrate well how the relationships that begin with a beautiful friendship are also most of the best times. Whether it’s Monica and Chandler in it Friendsof Emily and Allison i pretty little liarsof Jackson and April i grey’s Anatomy or Joey and Pacey in Dawson

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