6 manipulation techniques on dating apps

Does eclipse, breadcrumb, negging or the breadcrumb method matter to you? These terms, most often in English, are used to designate practices to avoid in your online dating. You may have already experienced one of these situations. For example, have you ever been sidelined after weeks of talking to your crush about a dating app? So did they mysteriously evaporate from the Tindersphere? So that it never happens to you again, we take stock of the most common manipulation techniques on dating apps.

1 – Negating or flirting with teasing

Some people will seek to seduce others through half-hearted compliments. “You’d be a 10/10 if you lost a few pounds” or “You really are super smart for a woman! ». This practice consists of devaluing the other person in an attempt to make them more open to romantic advances.

In short, this person makes fun of his “goal” to achieve his goals. This is called “negging”. The problem is that this unhealthy behavior is not always easy to detect. In fact, it is a technique of emotional manipulation, hidden underneath fake compliments. And in the long run, this flirting technique can break your confidence, or create unnecessary complexes. Does it remind you of anything?

2 – Ariadne’s thread method, or breadcrumbs

For fans of romantic manipulation, the “Ariane thread method”, also called the “breadcrumb” method, consists of, among other things, to desire to the end by leaving breadcrumbs to her suitors.. The technique? Your crush gives you a little of their time and attention, but enough to make you want to. The has an ambiguous relationship with you so that you sometimes think it is the right one or the right one.

They always like your posts and stories on social networks. His messages are always very promising. “I really want to come and see you”, “I could take you to Italy this summer, you know!”. You believe it. But the problem is that these things never happen, the person never gives specific dates of your meetings. They never commit to the relationship. And you, you sparkle, full of hope. Don’t waste your time, run away!

3 – Eclipsing, or chameleon personalities

This flirting technique is one of the most common. Besides, you might have already tried it without realizing it right away. Eclipse consists of adopt your crush’s interests and personality traits to seduce him. Suddenly you hear yourself telling him that you also love detective movies, or even Picon beer. You have taken on the persona of a chameleon.

This tactic is called eclipse because by adopting it, you let the other completely overshadow who you are and what excites you. Admittedly, you are definitely discovering new things, but you are not more honest with yourself. Not with the other one either.

4 – Lovebombing when we talk about the future in the 1st message

Be aware of this popular tactic on dating apps. Does your date tell you about the great love at first meeting? They promise you dream trips after just a few messages, or from the first date? Beware of this noisy. How can they project themselves with someone they don’t know?

This flirting technique called Lovebombing therefore consists of manipulate his target by bombarding him with love and promises a common future. And very quickly the victim is completely addicted. This manipulation often ends in a toxic relationship, where the malicious person takes advantage of the other. You remember Simon Leviev, the tinder scammer »? It’s his favorite technique.

“We’ve all been a bit like her (the victim of the scammer – editor’s note) at one point or another, or we’ve all been pressured to be, even in small proportions. Since celibacy is a disgrace to the standards, society makes us easy prey”, explains Judith Duportail, journalist and author, on Instagram

5 – Firedooring, or one-sided love

The term “firedooring” translated into English a “fire door” through which nothing passes. And when the doors only open one way, something is wrong. it is one-sided relationships where one of the two partners has a strong advantage over the other. This person decides to blow hot and cold on the couple. bulk, one can always run away and come back through the escape door, while the other remains trapped. behind a door that cannot be opened. It’s handy in case of fire, but downright toxic in a relationship.

The “firedooré.e” partner is therefore involved a constant waiting position. He.she waits for that rare moment to see the door open for a date. Occasionally just to spend the night together. In short, firedooring reflects a one-way relationship. When one gives and expects a lot from the relationship, the other never receives anything However. Not so easy to perceive, you can be a victim of it or you already have been. So flee to keep yours Mental health.

6 – Roaching or the “cockroach technique”

This flirting technique is as disappointing as it is disgusting. The term “roaching” literally means poaching. Basically, this amorous manipulation consists in gather several partners at the same timewithout ever assuming it in front of you. It would be AskMen’s seduction coaching site that would have theorized this dishonest technique.

So you’ve been chatting with your conquest on dating apps for some time. You’ve already had the conversation that confirms a monogamous, serious relationship. Only, your partner hides other parallel conquests from you. And little by little you discover new ones. Hence the term “the cockroach technique”: when you see one, you know there are many others hiding. Roaching is also greatly facilitated by dating apps that give the impression of a multitude of partner choices.

And you, did you know these manipulation techniques? Have you ever been the unfortunate victim of? Come and share your experience on the forum of The body optimist.

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