Houplines: Yousef Zériah is the head and the legs… and the heart!

This summer we will meet these anonymous people who do not make the front page and yet have exceptional or exemplary careers. In 2018 we met Yousef Zériah after his brilliant participation in the French University Boxing Championships. In the process, he won the First Prize for Academic Merit at the age of 51.

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Living in the Salengro district, Yousef dreamed of higher education. But he has to interrupt his schooling after an unwanted orientation. This son of a Moroccan immigrant worker thus approaches life without a diploma, with all the difficulties associated with his origin. It was at the age of 30 that he got his matriculation exam after taking evening classes. Due to self-sacrifice, Yousef obtained a Master 1 in Social Science and Innovation. Then he got a Master 2 in administration and management in his pockets at IAE in Lille. An impressive course for this fifty year old. His professional career is equally fascinating. He devoted his energy to supporting young people in need of benchmarks. Subsequently, he held the positions of socio-cultural animator, special educator with foster children, professional integration advisor, manager in a consulting company that serves job seekers.

“The real recognition is seeing these kids in trouble that I’ve followed and that makes me feel good about it”

The real recognition is seeing these kids in trouble that I followed and that makes me feel good “, praises Yousef Zériah. ” We do not cheat the public. You must go above and beyond to meet expectations. There is no room for DIY! At 56, he teaches economics and law at the Nicolas-Barré high school in Armentières. At the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences in Lille, this former boxer is also a teacher with students in Master 2 Sciences-Po. Because yes, Yousef has a well-known past as a boxer as a regional and national competitor in English boxing in the 80s, then for 25 years he was a sports educator and chairman of the boxing club Armentières. ” It is rich years of teaching that have compensated for the sudden end of my schooling, with values ​​of respect for others “retains the former pugilist. In 2018, he also won the fair play award during his participation in the French University Boxing Championship. Just reward for this fighting life, for whom boxing was a defining moment in his exemplary career. ” It gave me a healthy fighting spirit to surpass myself. It acted as a catharsis for me to free myself. Sports make you humble. We are praised in victory and humbled in defeat Yousef explains. In order to study, he knows that he was able to count on the enormous sacrifices of his parents. ” Their strength lay in having found the balance between our culture of origin and the consideration of integration and tolerance. I had no career aspirations, just the desire to learn and complete my knowledge. Now his greatest satisfaction is receiving many messages from students who are grateful to him.

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