Sophie Tapie swings a huge “file” and shocks her mom alive!

Unlike her father, the heart of Bernard Tapie’s daughter turned towards TV and singing. As a reminder, it was in 2004 that Sophie Tapie had her first role “Valencia Commissioner”. However, this role was not his first screen appearance. Long before that, when she was only 7 years old, she was on TV. A sequence that bothered me so much his mother. Details in this article.

Awkward moment for Sophie Tapie’s mother

“A very big back”, those were the words the young woman used to define the moment. Invited by RIFFX, Tapie’s daughter agreed to return to the important moments of his career, including his first TV. The singer then told that the little story took place when she was 7 years old.

The sequence took place when his mother sent a love message to his father which was then in prison, at the time. When she finished, she called her grandson to say a word to his father as well.

“What do you say to father?” asked his mother.

What the girl who has was formatted at OM, remembered what to tell her father when he makes his match. Then she shouted ‘f*ck’, in front of the camera. For a moment there was embarrassment at the highest point his mother.

“And there you have my mother, she cracks, she’s clean on her and everything, she says, ‘No, no, but she says it because she thinks it’s a football game,'” the young woman concluded entertained.

Divorce from Sophie Tapie with Jean-Mathieu Marinetti

It was sad news as the singer wrote on Instagram on May 30, 2022. Yes, Sophie Tapie and Jean-Mathieu Marinetti, it’s over! After being together for five years, the two have decided to turn the page to write a new chapter on their own. However, they seem to have a good understanding, because at the end of her post, the young woman wrote “I love you” to her ex-husband.

We don’t know what is the reason for their breakup. Furthermore, Tapie’s daughter never wanted to bear her husband’s name when they were together. According to her, she wants to keep her name because it was not easy for her to wear it.

“I am super proud because it tells an exceptional story, about an exceptional life course, about an exceptional man”, she had explained one day.

However, the young woman is no longer a heart to take Today. In fact, she has already found love in the arms of a sportsman.

Sophie Tapie finds love again

Like this summer, which was announced to be very sunny, Sophie Tapie’s Love Life, also looks very brilliant. After two months of celibacy, the young woman has found love again. It is in her story that she showed her subscribers that she is no longer a heart to take.

Currently on holiday in the Basque Country, the daughter of the businessman seems to be fulfilled in the pictures she posts on Instagram. But behind these pictures with lots of smiles is actually a woman in love. The young lady found love again! On July 18, 2022, she posted a snapshot of her with a man from the back of a boat. A photo she captioned a small white heart.

You are probably wondering who the lucky one is. Well, it’s French rugby player Baptiste Germain. It’s also the young man who shared the snapshot she put on her story. A true formalization of a relationship. Both people seem to be very happy despite it their large age difference . In fact, the rugby player is only 22 years old, while Sophie is 34. As they say, love has no age!

In any case, the young woman seems to be happy, and that is the most important thing. She been through so many hardshipsin recent years, the death of her father as well as the divorce with her ex-husband. Today she is happier than ever. We wish them the best!

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