Stray: Our Game FAQs!

Introduce us a little Stray

strayed is an adventure game developed by the French studio BlueTwelve Studio and edited by Annapurna Interactiveto whom we are especially indebted Fashion model, title of which we had carried out the test of the trophies some time ago. He came out on July 19, 2022 on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC, only in dematerialized form. Reassured fans of physical versions, the editor announced that a boxed version of the title will be released for the September 20, 2022.


What does it say?

You play as a little cat, who walks with his kind through a lush nature. Unfortunately, you will stumble and fall into a hole, where you will discover strange machines. During your journey, you will have the chance to make many friends, including B-12, a small amnesiac robot who travels with you through the different levels. So as not to spoil the fun of exploring, let’s leave it at this for the scenario, but know that it’s worth it!


What do you think are the positives of the title?

The pro’s of strayed are many. For starters, as we told you before, the screenplay is interesting and very immersive. The atmosphere is great, whether it’s lighting effects, soundtrack or level design. We can state that strayed is almost perfect. The cat’s behavior is really well depicted and very realistic, especially the ear of the cat that becomes restless when, among other things, a butterfly lands. The gameplay, which is very atypical, also reinforces our positive feelings about the game, but we’ll get to that.

And the negatives?

The only negative aspect that comes to mind after completing this work is the longevity. Allow 6-8 hours to complete the main story, take your time and explore it well. Platinum takes 10 to 12 hours.


Does the game stand out in any way?

Clear, strayed is a title like we’ve rarely seen in the video game landscape. The gameplay is very special, as the game does not contain a battle phase. The story and the artistic direction perfectly justified this choice, it was no problem for us!

Do you have any similar games to tell us so we can get an idea?

Games of this type are very rare, because the contemplative aspect is present (but not dominant) in this game. We might compare it to Spirit of the Northanother independent game in which the player embodies a fox this time.


What improvements would you suggest?

If we rule out the game’s lifespan, it’s really a masterstroke on the part ofAnnapurna Interactive. Even if we dig our brains, we see no way to improve, maybe because we fell in love with our furry friend. We could perhaps consider a graphical improvement, especially due to the fact that our character sometimes has a leg that goes through the ground very slightly, but it really is to find something to complain about!

Would you recommend this title to your community?

As you can see, the editors recommend this game with your eyes closed! If you want to spend a moment of peace and tranquility, but above all enjoy a special working atmosphere, strayed is made for you! In addition, it is not particularly difficult and the gameplay can be adopted by beginners as well as experienced gamers. If you want to be tempted, use your Playstation Plus Extra or Premium subscription, which is included! Want to resubscribe or upgrade your subscription? So pick up PSN cards from our partner Eneba to take advantage of always attractive prices! See you soon for the trophy test of strayed, which is already in preparation. Bye !

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