3 people testify about their heartbreak

Heartbreak is characterized by a intense sadness caused by the end of a sentimental relationship. Depending on the investment allocated to the couple and the attachment that is created, the intensity of the suffering varies. And sometimes the discomfort is such that it can even lead to depression other health conditions.

Alma is in her thirties and remembers her story with a pain in her heart. “It was in 2014, when I was still attending journalism school. The boy I was with told me that though he loved me and was very good to me, he had not missed me when he returned from his journey with their parents. It was a trigger for him and he therefore made the decision to end the relationship because he feared that my feelings were stronger than his.

“The ad was at his house when I brought him a romantic picnic. I didn’t expect it at all and I cried all the tears in my body, hoping to change his mind. We had just spent wonderful days together and this decision was one right stroke.”

Alma then gradually fell into a lethargic state for several months.

“Physically speaking, I felt drained. I spent my days crying and even had to miss a day at work because my pain was so bad. I felt completely indifferent to what was going on around me for months. Madly in love, I did not have the strength to stop seeing him and hoped at each of our reunions that he would come back to me and realize his feelings.

“This unhealthy relationship has brought me down in deep disorder and I lost a lot of weight during this period. I couldn’t stand a single moment of solitude anymore when I usually love to stay at home and started going out at night compulsively to forget and not think. There was only him in my thoughts, and the thought of being without him seemed unthinkable to me.. I even started writing a book that I called “Sans lui” (laughing) to express my pain. Such passionate love is very destructive when the feelings are not equal on each side..”

“After almost six years of not talking to him and refusing all contact, I saw him again during the pandemic and he apologized to me. While it was somewhat of a relief that he finally acknowledged his mistakes, I realized as soon as I saw him that no matter how much time passes, he would always have a little piece of my heart. I think when you’ve loved so hard, you never really stop having feelings for that person. Naturally I mourned the relationship a long time agobut as I had imagined my relationship with men has been significantly affected by this breakup for years and I still have the fear of abandonment to this day.”

Camille: “My stress caused peritonitis”

“In June 2009 I am 17 years old, I had just passed my matriculation exam, I was free from it after a difficult year; and recently I dated a boy I was madly in love with. We were happy, we spent all our time together, we said we loved each other and we planned together for the start of the school year… Life was therefore perfect.

“Unexpectedly, on June 25, the same day Michael Jackson died, my girlfriend explained to me that he doesn’t feel the same as me at the end and decides to end the relationship which in my head as a young girl in bloom I had staked everything on and had begun to naively convince myself that we would manage our lives together.

“I have never felt as much grief as I did in that moment, so much that this emotional pain was physical, like my whole heart was broken.”

“I have never felt as much grief as I did in that moment, so much that this emotional pain was physical, like my whole heart was broken. I only cried, all the days after. I didn’t eat anymore, because the knot in my stomach from the anxiety of feeling alone, abandoned, while I still loved her with all my being, took away my appetite.

“A good week and a half after this breakup, I started having pains in my stomach and lower abdomen that kept me bent over in bed. I put it down to sadness.”

“With the exception of one afternoon, the pain was such that I could not stop screaming. My older brother, who still lived with us, quickly called SOS Doctor. The doctor checked me out very quickly and sent us straight to the emergency room. He suspected peritonitis and appendicitis.

Once there, the young girl was able to quickly perform examinations in the operating room under general anesthesia. They reveal that Camille is actually suffering from peritonitis… But not because of appendicitis.

“She was provoked due to a stress formed ovarian cyst that ruptured causing peritonitis. The stress was probably first caused by the matriculation exam I had just passed, but above all by the heartache afterwards.

Flore: “I could no longer eat”

“With men, I only went from disillusionment to disillusionment. And it started as a teenager. I never really believed in “Prince Charming”. In every beginning of the story, I get used to the idea that it is necessary to take advantage of it, since it ends up ending. I am a passionate person and I am able to go to great lengths for someone I care about. Most of my relationships have only brought me trouble: either they were forbidden, or risky, or complicated. But one fine day I met a man with whom everything was simple.”

I felt like we were on the same wavelength. There were no obstacles between us. All it took was one look, one phrase exchanged over the course of a summer evening for me to understand that there was a connection between us.

“We didn’t talk about a tomorrow, but for me it had become more than a relationship without a tomorrow.”

“I met him on holiday in Spain when I was only 23. He was 10 years older than me but he loved life, parties… We are made to be together. At first it was easy between us. Then he started inviting me to spend weekends at his house (he lived 700 km from my house). It happened once, then twice, then four, then five… We just took advantage of it. He took me to dinner in the restaurant, to museums, walks, swimming in the sea. We didn’t talk about tomorrow, but for me it had become more than a relationship without tomorrow.

“One fine day he tells me that he is coming to settle in Paris. If I never believed that he was coming for me, I still imagined that his move to my city would give a new impetus to the relationship.”

“In reality, it was the exact opposite. Hardly arrived, the containment associated with the Covid-19 pandemic was introduced. Neither one nor two, he escaped into the country without worrying about me. I learned a few weeks later that he was spending his quarantine with another woman..”

“I had never known such a big disappointment. It took me several weeks to move on. The first few days I had this feeling of nausea that never left me. I was no longer able to eat or laugh. I had a terrible stomach ache just thinking about him. I lost 2 kg in just one day when I opened my eyes.”

“He got back to me very quickly: he continued to call me and text me while he was with someone else. He even arranged to spend his summer holidays in the same place as me, two years in a row. For my part, I just wanted him to disappear. He tried everything to find me. But despite all his efforts, he was no longer attracted to me. I can be very attached to a person, but from the moment they hurt me, I don’t want to anymore. I forgave him, but I just didn’t want him anymore. It was stronger than me. He insisted for almost 2 years: he tried almost everything to (re)seduce me. I never gave in. He could not bear it: he ended up leaving France, telling himself that I would do anything to keep him. I haven’t lifted a finger. Today he is far from my eyes and (very) far from my heart.”

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