After Shiba Inu, this crypto will be talked about in November!

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Crypto is often described as “volatile”… And if it was rather “dog”?

The news sometimes has this magic of bringing two worlds together, at first glance very different. In recent weeks, Shiba Inu and crypto dog lovers have thus been in the spotlight! All kidding aside, the Shiba Inu crypto and its impressive bull run has actually dominated recent crypto news. But in November it may well be that there will be a lot of talk about another crypto, from Shiba Inu…


Floki Inu, a new coin meme?

The Shiba Inu madness is barely starting to calm down when here comes another crypto with the Shiba Inu dog: Floki Inu!

What is Floki Inu Crypto?

The Floki Inu corner is very new, its creation only dates back to July 2021. Its creator is an anonymous person who calls himself Ryoshi. The Floki Inu crypto refuses to be just another coin meme. Thus, his network likes to remind of its “useful value” as well as the presence of an “important community”, called “the Vikings”.


Besides being one crypto intended for P2P exchangesFloki Inu caught on quickly The NFT sector. The Floki Inu network is thus working to develop a platform called “FlokiPlaces” where users can buy NFTs. In addition, the developers are working on metaverse design (digital virtual world) called “Valhalla”.

Considering its newness, the Floki Inu crypto is not yet very present on the exchanges. Currently, it is only available on a few platforms like Uniswap, PancakeSwap,, LBank, etc.

The Floki Inu crypto price

If we’re talking about Floki Inu, it’s because the corner has seen a big bull run lately. The reason ? As is often the case with the Shiba Inu and crypto, the answer is to come up with the side super crypto agent Musk… Elon Musk !

A big supporter of Dogecoin, we already knew that Elon Musk was very fond of Shiba Inu dogs. But what we didn’t know is that he also has a Shiba Inu puppy that he decided to call… Floki! On September 12, 2021, Elon Musk also decided to “officially” present your Floki as an image in a tweet. The effect was immediate! The price of Floki Inu crypto has taken more than 900% in 24 hours!

Since this episode, the Floki Inu price has experienced very strong increases on October 2nd, 6th and 11th. The last very significant increase occurred on October 17, with a price that jumped almost more than 30%.

Currently Floki Inu coin price is $0.000073. up 5% in the last 24 hours. The long-term goal set by Floki Inu is to become part of the world’s top 10 cryptos.

At the moment, the Floki is still far from the account. In terms of capitalization, the Floki Inu crypto is only at a 2,730. space. This is why the Floki Inu network has decided to implement a very ambitious and aggressive marketing strategy.

Floki Inu Crypto Aggressive Marketing Strategy

At present, Floki Inu is undoubtedly what is called a wedge meme. In fact, the creation of this crypto is more humorous than anything else. On the other hand is the planned marketing strategy anything but a joke.

In fact, from the beginning of November, the Floki Inu network will launch an “aggressive” marketing campaign, which aims to “take over Europe”! This promotion begins in Dublin only. Specifically, this marketing stunt provides setting up posters as wellpurchase of highly visited advertising space.

The choice of Dublin and Ireland is not insignificant. The Floki Inu Network wants to launch this large-scale campaign in “conquered” territory. You should actually know that Ireland is a crypto-friendly spaceespecially known for hosting major exchanges such as Gemini or Kraken.


Floki Inu’s marketing campaign also plans to invadeSpain. The campaign schedule is designed to coincide with Champions League matches in the country.

To London, the marketing campaign has already started with ads in many metro stations as well as on more than 300 buses! It is the same on the other side of the Atlantic, where the campaign has already been launched to the sound of ” Did you miss DOGEN? Buy Floki !

As we know, the price of meme coins is even more volatile than the price of so-called “serious” cryptos. For most gamblers, the Floki Inu crypto can therefore prove to be an interesting investment. No doubt that the aggressive marketing campaign in November will increase the Floki Inu crypto price. Not counting tweets from Elon Musk, catalyst for dog cryptos!


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