Blockchain and Crypto Heavyweights come together at the first international Blockchain Summit

The first edition of the International Blockchain Summit, titled Blockchain Vibes Lagos, was held at the Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos on Saturday, July 9, 2022.

The event was packed with inspiring speakers, founders, enthusiasts and other stakeholders in the blockchain and crypto space.

The summit featured keynotes and engaging panel discussions, including product demonstrations from brands such as Qitmeer, Sinso Technology, Bitget and BoundlessPay.


BoundlessPay CEO and Head of Blockchain Vibes Lagos, Franklin Peters welcomed everyone and introduced the guests.

He briefly explained why everyone came together and discussed his passion for blockchain and his plans to move the international blockchain summit to other parts of the world.

The first keynote speaker for the event was Chimezie Chuta, Partner, Opponent and Chairman, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG).

He spoke about the depth of blockchain technology and how it can help individuals, especially those living in Nigeria and Africa.

His lecture covered the evolution, growth and development of blockchain technology in Nigeria. According to Chuta, Nigeria is a leader in financing blockchain startups in Africa.

“Over $91 million has been invested in blockchain startups this year in Africa, with Nigeria taking about 39% of this investment.”

He added that Adaverse is a leader in financing blockchain startups in Africa. He encouraged founders and people building solutions with blockchain technology to visit the Adaverse website and submit their funding requests or contact him via email.

Discussing the challenges of blockchain technology in Nigeria, Chuta said there is no defined regulatory framework. Some of these challenges are crypto fraud and Ponzi schemes, technical scalability challenges and lack of required talent.

He suggested some progressive steps and what the Nigerian government should do in the blockchain space.

Government should work with local communities and other stakeholders to address issues of stakeholder engagement, train staff (retraining and staff development), create sandboxes and regulatory frameworks, and sponsor supporting legislation.

Immediately after the first keynote, the event’s first virtual panel discussion took place with Paula Tavangar, Chief Investment Officer at Swissborg Ventures, as moderator and Nauman Ali, CEO of Eumlet, as panelist. they discussed the journey through seed funding.

The second panel session brought together heavyweights from the international crypto community to discuss the crypto market crash and what to expect. Moderator for this session was Gray Jabesi, founder and CEO of Crypto University.

The panel featured world-renowned crypto-influencers in the form of AM Crypto, Davinci Jeremie J15, Carl Runefelt and Futurist Kwame.

Gray asked the long-awaited question: “What should we expect with the current downturn in the crypto market?”

Futurist Kwame said that despite the current crash, he is still with crypto,

“The first thing is that you should not be in a project for a short time; you have to think long term.

Advising the audience to focus on long-term value, he concluded by saying, “If you understand the technology we’re building, we should know that bitcoin is bitcoin.”

AM Crypto said it believes the bear market will continue.

Carl Runefelt expects crypto to be in a bear market and the traditional financial market to perform poorly. He believes that the best investment should be in bitcoin and gold.

On what the future of bitcoin looks like, Davinci Jeremie J15 believes that bitcoin remains the best form of currency in the crypto space.

Futurist Kwame closed the session saying that no one knows what will happen, adding that people should only put money they don’t mind losing into crypto.

The following keynote address was delivered virtually by Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Founder of Tekedia Capital – who spoke at length on the topic “Into the Digital Economy”.

During the panel discussion titled Virtuality to Reality – How Blockchain Technology is changing the Real Estate Sector, Tony Obiajuru and Prince David Omaghomi (founder of Landcheck Africa) discussed some impressive use cases of blockchain in real estate technology.

Prince David spoke about digitizing land ownership using blockchain technology. He believes that there is still work to be done and sees the potential of eNaira and its possible use case in the real estate sector.

Finally, he urged the public to start investing in real estate as soon as possible because it is an investment that has the potential to keep appreciating.

The final round table brought together Ugochukwu Aronu, CEO of Xend; Ikechukwu Okeke, CEO, OBIEX Finance; Emmanuel Babalola, CEO, Bundle; Oluwarotimi Ogunwede, CMO, Patricia Technologies and others contribute to the discussion on the role of exchanges, wallets in blockchain adoption.

Frank Fagbo, a media and communication expert, moderated the session.

Senator Ihenyen, Senior Partner, Infusion Lawyers and Chairman, Stakeholders of the Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), gave the final keynote address and spoke on the need for regulation in the blockchain space. He also discussed the role of SiBAN in the Nigerian blockchain space.

In his talk, Ihenyen highlighted the need for self-regulation in the blockchain space and concluded that he believes self-regulation and government regulation can work hand in hand and are welcome in the blockchain space.

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