iOS Tips: Neptune, Skywall Pro, Neo Monsters, The Almost Gone

Today’s iOS Deals: 4 Free Apps, 2 Free Games and 6 Promos, including Neptune, Skywall Pro, Neo Monsters, The Almost Gone. The chance to save €26.5!

The editors daily dig the best deals of the day in the App Store: free app, free game or temporarily for sale. If an iOS application tempts you, hurry to download it during the sale! Developers can increase the price at any time, which is also a good iPhone subscription or a good iPad subscription.


iOS free games:

villains hearts icon game ipa iphone ipadrogue hearts (Game, Strategy/Roleplay, iPhone/iPad, v1.5.19, 468MB, iOS 7.1, NINETAIL Co., Ltd) goes from €0.99 to free.

Welcome to this modern reinterpretation of a villainous dungeon crawler! You need a strategy with judgment and control to overcome the various randomly generated levels…

The +:

  • Lifetime
  • A safe bet

Download Free Game rogue hearts

rogue hearts capture game ipa iphone ipad

neo monsters icon game ipa iphone ipadNeo Monsters (Game, Strategy/Roleplay, iPhone/iPad, v2.30, 380MB, iOS 11.0, ZigZaGame Inc.) goes from €0.99 to free.

Catch and evolve over 900 monsters in a universe that will almost certainly remind you of a particular Nintendo Pokémon.

You play as the heir to your dead uncle’s monster farm. You can then explore a world full of monsters to capture and train them to create the ultimate team.

The +:

  • pokemon style
  • Lifetime

Download Free Game Neo Monsters

neo monsters capture game ipa iphone ipad

Free iOS Apps:

altimeter icon app ipa ipadAltimeter (App, iPhone, v1.2, 24MB, iOS 12.0, goes from €0.99 to free.

The coolest and easiest altimeter ever!

You can switch from meters to feet and automatically record the maximum altitude reached.

Also available for Apple Watch, without having to open the application on the iPhone!

Download the free app Altimeter

altimeter capture app ipa ipad

neptune icon app ipa iphone ipadNeptune (App, iPhone/iPad, v5.6.1, 180MB, iOS 11.0, Sebastian Boehmel) goes from €1.09 to free.

Want to check your iOS device and find out why its performance is deteriorating?
Have you clicked on a suspicious link and now you want to make sure that you have not become a victim of fraud?
For that you have Neptune, a powerful mobile security and system health application that allows you to monitor a large number of parameters such as the presence of viruses, but also memory usage, disk space, network details …

Download the free app Neptune

neptune capture app ipa iphone ipad

skywall pro icon app ipa iphone ipadSkywall Pro (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.5.1, 40MB, iOS 9.2, Roxwin Vietnam Technologies Co…) goes from €2.99 to free.

Browse hundreds of original wallpapers handcrafted by the Skywall team. Enjoy exclusive wallpapers designed especially for your devices. You will not find these wallpapers in any other app. Every day the app adds new creations, including very thoughtful images for iPhones with notches.

Download the free app Skywall Pro

skywall pro capture app ipa iphone ipad

photo animate studio animator icon app ipa iphone ipadPhoto Animate Studio Animator (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.11, 285 MB, iOS 9.0, MULTI MOBILE Ltd) goes from € 1.99 to free.

Photo Animator Studio is a perfect app for creating fun photo creations, cool videos from photos, animations, storyboards and sketches. An application that is very feature-rich, but with a sometimes erratic interface. In any case, the app can provide great service.

Download the free app Photo Animate Studio Animator

photo animate studio animator capture app ipa iphone ipad

iOS Specials:

element icon game ipa iphone ipadElement (Game, Action/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v2.3, 139 MB, iOS 10.0, Flightless) goes from €2.99 to €1.99.

Element is a real-time strategy game in space for players who don’t have time for real-time strategy games in space.

Our home no longer provides us with the means to survive.
A battle for resources to leave our system has begun. The future lies elsewhere…

To download Element for €1.99

element capture game ipa iphone ipad

behind the frame icon game ipa iphone ipadBehind the frame (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v2.0.2, 2.6GB, iOS 10.0, Akupara Games) goes from €5.49 to €3.99.

Signed by Akupara Games and Silver Lining studios, this interactive narrative game inspired by Studio Ghibli anime is a must. Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery invites you to discover a world as beautiful as it is intriguing that can be tasted at your fingertips.

This is not a classic point & click game, but a relaxing and eloquent experience that can be played at any tempo. Everything was done by hand, with brilliant colors and stunning hand-animated visuals, all supported by a smooth, easy-to-listen soundtrack. Follow a passionate artist!

To download Behind the frame for €3.99

behind the frame capture game ipa iphone ipad

titan quest hd icon game ipa iphone ipadTitan Quest HD (Game, Action/Roleplay, iPhone/iPad, v2.10.4, 3.4GB, iOS 9.0, HandyGames) goes from €7.99 to €1.99.

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set in a mythological universe. After escaping their prison, the Titans are released and wreak havoc on Earth. The gods need a hero to lead this epic battle. Victory or defeat will determine the fate of humanity and Olympus.

Definitely one of the best hack & slash out there right now.

The +:

  • 60 hours of play
  • The many possibilities for improvement

To download Titan Quest HD for €1.99

titan quest hd capture game ipa iphone ipad

affinity designer icon app ipa ipadAffinity Designer (App, , v1.10.5, 1.4 GB, iOS 11.1, Serif Labs) goes from €21.99 to €19.99.

Affinity Designer for iPad was designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top graphic designers and is based on Apple Design award-winning technology. A competitor to Photoshop at a discounted price and without a subscription!

To download Affinity Designer for €19.99

to the moon icon game ipa iphone ipadTo the moon (Game, Role Play/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v3.7, 1.3GB, iOS 9.0, XD Network Inc.) goes from €4.99 to €1.99.

There are gripping games that highlight that we would love to relive and relive… To The Moon is without a doubt one of them. The latter takes you past two doctors, in memory of a dying man.

Through the memories that you will live like a movie, your goal is to make man’s last wish come true. An adventurous RPG like we rarely find.

The +:

To download To the moon for €1.99

to the moon capture game ipa iphone ipad

the almost disappeared icon game ipa iphone ipadThe Almost Gone (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.3, 317MB, iOS 13.0, Playdigious) goes from €3.99 to €0.99.

This game is great. The game design, satisfying and immersive puzzles, and emotional music are very well done. It’s worth playing it. A somewhat ambiguous ending, but well worth its price, especially on sale.

Between life and death, isolated and alone, discover the shocking truths that have determined your destiny.

Skip the stunning facades and interiors of a suburban lifestyle and discover a contemporary story crafted by an award-winning author.

To download The Nearly Disappeared for €0.99

the almost disappeared capture game ipa iphone ipad

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