Second Quarter 2022 Cryptocurrency Report Highlights Terra Collapse

  • The 46-page report makes sense of how the aftermath of Terra UST and LUNA triggered the destruction of the entire crypto community and stablecoin economy.
  • 3AC’s financial woes have directly or indirectly affected at least 12 different crypto companies
  • Coingecko scientists say that a drop in the stable share of the pie suggests that a specific measure of capital has left the crypto-biological system entirely

Coingecko distributed the organization’s second quarter digital currency report for 2022 as there have been various massive changes over the past three months. The review published last Wednesday noted that the second quarter of 2022 was filled with many dire occasions in the crypto space.

The crypto firm’s report makes sense that while the spot market’s trading volume has remained constant at $100 billion overnight, the top 30 coins have lost more than a chunk of their market value since the last trimester. Much of the crypto gaffe started from a cascading type of influence caused by the Terra UST and LUNA outage.

Coingecko data suggests that in the second quarter, investors exited stablecoins rather than risk them

Coingecko steals that shortly before UST’s defeat, the stablecoin was the third largest fiat-based token in existence, and $18 billion was wiped out in a matter of days.


The report noted that BUSD has figured out how to become the third largest stablecoin. Alongside Terra’s UST, other stablecoin resources have seen their valuations persist, and Coingecko’s investigators suspect that a certain measure of assets has left the crypto-economy.

The 46-page report further explains how Lido’s fortified resources were affected by Terra’s victory and the end of flexible crypto investment Three Arrows Capital (3AC). An explicit chart that participated in the review shows how 3AC’s currency problems have directly or implicitly affected no less than 12 unique crypto organizations.

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Terra and 3AC spinoff spread, Defi market cap drops

Decentralized finance (defi) has also been affected as expressed by the creators of Coingecko due to the effects of third demand and defi deals, for example Maple Finance was not saved as some client assets were loaned to Orthogonal Trading which had thus gone to Babel Finance. , one of 3AC’s lenders.

Defi itself has endured a ton, and data from Coingecko shows that Defi’s market cap has fallen from $142 billion to $36 billion in 90 days. The report again states that a significant portion of def’s value has been largely wiped out due to the fallout of Terra and its stablecoin, UST.

Coingecko’s review covers a wide range of topics related to Q2 2022 crypto activity, touching on things like other stablecoins losing stakes, decentralized trading volumes, non-fungible tokens, and NFT malls. While the following quarter saw a flurry of activity, Coingecko’s report shows how much of it was negative and gloomy.

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