Top 9 Duos Who Hate Each Other In Real Life We Wouldn’t Have Guessed

Have you ever put on a good face by being cordial to someone you hate because you were in public? Doesn’t it stink? Imagine you had to do that H24 because you form a famous duo with this person. It’s just hellish. Yet here’s what happened to a bunch of duos you’ve probably loved on screen or on stage: in real life, behind the scenes, they can’t one-up each other.

1. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray (in Dirty Dancing)

The two actors represented the perfect love story in the film Danse Lascive (Quebec title), but the atmosphere was much more tense on the film set. It is said that Jennifer Gray asked to shoot the same scenes over and over because she was never satisfied, and that got on Patrick Swayze’s nerves a lot. We can understand that, but at least it didn’t stop them from cheating.

2. Simon and Garfunkel

We already talked about it at the top of the groups that broke up for absurd reasons, so we’ll make it short: Simon and Garfunkel had trouble supporting each other, especially due to the fact that Garfunkel had said yes to play a part in a movie without telling Simon. After that, their relationship was very strained for a number of years. That’s the problem when you put two big egos together, when one does better than the other, it irritates.

3. The White Stripes (Me and Jack White)

Although they introduced themselves as siblings, it soon became known that Meg and Jack White had married and then divorced. However, that’s not what created tension in their duo (at least as far as we know). A priori, it was rather the acute stress that invaded Meg every time they had to appear on stage that irritated Jack. He sat her down in quite a few interviews and said he felt lonely in the group because of his partner’s antisocial side. Finally, in 2011, the band broke up for the same reason (Meg couldn’t get on stage anymore), and maybe it’s better that way.

4. C-3PO and R2-D2

Of course, we’re not talking about the two robots’ arguments on screen, but about those that took place between the actors under the costumes, namely Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2). Baker, who is a dwarf, particularly criticized Daniels for spending his time making fun of his small size, as Daniels himself criticized Baker for not being involved in his role. At the same time, it is difficult to be involved in a role as a droid with a gesture as limited as R2. In short, we can say that between these two robots, the atmosphere was… electric. Sorry.

5. Mulder and Scully

It is simple : X files, it’s Mulder and Scully first and foremost. Without this duo of FBI special agents with complementary profiles (Mulder believes in aliens, while Scully is much more skeptical), the series would never have been a hit. But between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the chemistry was not there at all. Duchovny even said these words in an interview: “We used to argue about nothing. We couldn’t bear to see each other. » But as you can see, he talks about it in the past tense, because now the two actors consider each other friends. Phew.

6. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Don’t worry if you don’t know them, but know that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis formed an ultra-popular comedy duo in the 1940s and 1950s (yes, that goes way back). Indeed, both were stars, and thinking of one automatically led to thinking of the other. The problem was that Jerry Lewis was considered the funniest (quite rightly so), which created a bit of an imbalance in the relationship. More and more on the sidelines, more and more forgotten on the cover of magazines, Dean Martin felt rejected and began to get jealous of his partner. The two men began to become very irritable and to hate each other less and less heartily, and this until their separation. Not cool.

7. John Lennon and Paul McCartney

The two men, who composed around 200 songs together for the Beatles, were never as close as one might imagine. The tensions arose for various reasons, starting with Yoko Ono’s constant presence with John, but it was above all a story of ego getting the better of their friendship. Lennon and McCartney always signed their duet songs “Lennon/McCartney”, and McCartney wanted the order of the names to change half the time. He also wished that Lennon’s name did not appear in the title. Yesterday since he had composed the song alone. In short, all these little things have terribly cooled the relationship between them, even after the separation of the Beatles. These are boring gifted people, they always end up wanting to be more gifted than their friends.

8. Kate Beckett and Richard Castle (from the Castle series)

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic form this kind of hyper-complicit duo on screen, carrying out investigations hand in hand, but we can’t say it’s the same delirium once the cameras are off. Many rumors circulated pointing to all the friction that took place between the two actors. Some even mentioned a therapy they had had to do as couples therapy. Anyway, they acted well in front of the cameras, which proves that they are very good actors.

9. Liam and Noel Gallagher

Of course, how can we talk about this topic without mentioning the Gallagher brothers, the duo at the center of the Oasis group? The two couldn’t tell each other, so much so that it was no longer a secret to anyone. Their last outright estrangement dates back to 28 August 2009: when they were about to go on stage at the Rock en Seine festival, Liam and Noel fought backstage and even went so far as to smash a guitar. The concert was canceled and the band broke up for good. Since then, everyone has made their own lives on their own, and it’s definitely better for everyone (except the music).

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