Traveling with children: 5 things to plan for

When traveling with one or more children, organization is key. Impossible to leave on a whim, or to travel lightly, without anticipating anything.

Going abroad with children gives them a great experience, but it cannot be improvised! Here are the 5 things you need to plan for a successful vacation, without stress or unpleasant surprises.

1- The choice of destination

The presence of children is inevitably crucial when choosing your holiday resort. In the post-covid context, many families choose to go on holiday without leaving their country of residence for health and logistical reasons. But with the restrictions now relaxed in most countries, it has again become an option to go abroad.

When you decide on your destination, you must base yourself on criteria about hygiene, safety, climate and accommodation. child friendly “. Sites like are good indicators because they show the best countries to visit with the family, whether it’s a mountain destination in Europe or a kid-friendly safari in Africa.

2- Administrative documents

Who hasn’t already seen parents leave the airport empty-handed and see their vacation ruined because of the youngest’s expired passports? Carefully check the validity and condition of your papers: a passport with a torn or scribbled page can cause you a lot of trouble at the police check. Pay attention to the delivery times, there is sometimes a wait of several weeks in the case of a passport creation, remember a margin when you reserve your dates.

Find out about the formalities in the destination country: visa necessary or not? Forced vaccines? PCR test? And plan your family book in case of traveling without the spouse, because a single parent who does not have the same name as his children will have additional documentation to provide. Finally, check that your insurance covers you correctly abroad in case of accident or illness, transport home, your protection when renting a car.

Unstoppable advice: Make a copy of all important documents. With children to manage, an oversight, loss or theft can happen quickly… To avoid being without papers thousands of kilometers from home, keep a photocopy of the whole family’s passport, but also a virtual copy, for example E – mail. This will save you valuable time at the consulate or embassy.

3- Transportation

When you go as a family and the children are old enough to pay for the plane ticket, it is better to book as soon as possible. Although sometimes certain promotions appear at the last minute, it is ideal to book your trip several weeks in advance to take advantage of the best prices.

On the plane, don’t hesitate to ask for a cradle for your baby or a blanket for the children. Companies must ensure your comfort, just ask.

4- Baggage

Try to mess up as little as possible in terms of clothing, but don’t neglect the first aid kit for any wounds. Put essential medicines in your hand luggage and prefer mini travel sizes for basic products. Suggest that your children bring a backpack each to put snacks and a game or activity to keep them occupied during the journey, which often seems long to them.

A little tip to avoid the nightmare of losing your suitcases at the airport: ask for a ” crazy » at check-in, which will allow them to be picked up faster when they get off the plane because they will be placed in the hold last.

5- Accommodation and activities on site

All travel experts will tell you: to feel free and relaxed once you’re there, it’s better to organize yourself in advance. If you want to change location, city or even take domestic flights in the country you are visiting, plan all this before you travel. The hotel, villa rental or other is not at the last minute, the risk is too great, especially with children on your hands.

Organizing the program for your days before departure will be the best way to make the most of your stay. Flagship activities, excursions, guided tours, museums, restaurants to try: By planning and booking in advance, you save time and avoid fraud and disappointment.

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