Yann Moix, a “fraudster”? Charlotte Valandrey’s family recreates the “truth”

Did Yann Moix and Charlotte Valandrey have a passionate relationship? The author had spoken about his friendship and love story with the actress in Paris Match, but the actress’ family hit the table to “restore the truth”…

The relatives of Charlotte Valandrey were anxious to restore”the truth“. After the publication of the text of Yann Moix in Paris Match July 21, where the writer poured out his short love affair and long friendship with Charlotte Valandrey, the family of the late actress spoke up to make an update. About Yann Moix’s text, those close to the actress describe “testament to storytelling, scripting and personal emphasis“.

No one closest to you is aware of this complicity (…) What we know is a brief rapprochement without a love story when they were young, but especially not long ago.“, we read. And to add: “When he worked on Saturday night television, the columnist never returned calls from Charlotte needing him. It’s show business, brotherly support“.

Before throwing out “autopsy embroideriesSeparately, Charlotte Valandrey’s family added: “The deceiver allows himself to make her speak in words so foreign to her. Charlotte was never to anyone ‘a dying professional’. She embodied the exact opposite. Shameless manufacturing is also limitless“.

Yann Moix, on Charlotte Valandrey: “I decided to fall madly in love with this girl”

In his text, Yann Moix assured that he had loved Charlotte Valandrey madly. Their friendship would have been born from a bolt of lightning in the dark rooms. In his gallery for Paris MatchYann Moix delivered his trust, but also his friend, “this young woman so beautiful, so fierce, so wild“.

If Yann Moix describes Charlotte Valandrey as “sister“that he”should have had“, it’s love at first sight for the actress ahead of the film Red kiss (1985), giving him this intense desire to meet her. I decided to fall in love, madly in love, with this girl my age, with a diaphanous complexion, a plump lip, sulky pout, a rounded forehead..”

Moix begins collecting magazines with his elusive muse, cutting out his portraits and other images. After the publication of his first book cheers to heavenhe claims to be looking for the lead role for the adaptation of his work for the cinema and takes the opportunity to contact her…

Yann Moix and Charlotte Valandrey: “A week later she asked me to marry”

The actress and the writer create a sincere and passionate relationship. He reveals his feelings for her. “One week later, she asked me to marry her“, laughs Yann Moix in the columns Paris Match. “I refused, panicked. She was having fun and chasing me“Charlotte Valandrey burns with an intense fire and sets fire to those who approach her. Yann Moix does not escape it: “Ah do you want mad love? I give it to you!” Her movements shouted“, the author further specifies about his friend. Until tonight, when the young woman responds to his invitation…

Yann Moix on Charlotte Valandrey: “This sulky lip, I tasted it”

Then his imagination ends as a young man in his bedroom, on his bed, says the author. Yann Moix evokes the rise of desire, the flesh entwining, the teeth biting the lips:I tasted this sulky lip that was filled with salty blood; she was no longer a chimera, she was no longer a poster“. Then his harsh return to reality, his cowardice.”Do you know my secret?’ This question caused pain. I understood then that it was true: that the virus was there, in my room, on my bed, in her“.

Yann Moix had already echoed this rumor. But he hoped that the noises from the hallway were only lies: “A week before, an actor whom I had suggested should play with her had perforated my stomach by hitting me in the most violent way (…) one: ‘Charlotte Valandrey? You’re crazy. Forget. She has AIDS!‘”.

Yann Moix: “I have no proof that she is gone forever”

After the actress’s confession, Yann Moix understands that there will be no possible love between them, recognizes his cowardice, his fear. Charlotte Valandrey immediately forgives him, and these two promise each other a friendship stronger than love: to be everything, to be anything, except lovers“, the author clarifies again. Something more beautiful, bigger, which lasts over time, if we are to believe Yann Moix’s testimony.

She confided: I followed her heartbreak and her heart transplants; the episodes, poignant, where she said goodbye to me before going to the hospital, the endless wait for a donation“, he recalled. At 53, after a third heart transplant, Charlotte Valandrey died, leaving her daughter, her relatives, her friends inconsolable. But Yann Moix still writes: “I have no proof that she is gone forever.”

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