How do you get your loved ones to accept an age difference in the couple?

Whether you are in a relationship with someone 20 years younger than you or 15 years older than you, you are one of the 14% of French couples whose age difference exceeds 10 years. A number that has increased tremendously since the 1950s, without being accepted by everyone. Between the appearance of others and the judgments of those around you, it is sometimes difficult to take this difference lightly. But how do you get your partner to accept your loved ones? Fourchette & Bikini invites you to adopt 4 new positions to feel good about yourself and others!

Reassure your loved ones about your relationship

If a large age difference is poorly perceived by relatives, it is very often because it is interpreted as if the difference in years inevitably leads to an imbalance… and therefore a form of inequality in the couple. Above all, therefore, it is a matter of reassuring those around you: yes, you are happy in this relationship. You are neither seeking to be dominated – trying to find a patriarch – nor submissive – looking for a son. It’s all about love, period. Getting those close to you to understand this is sometimes difficult. But if you lose patience, don’t forget that their concern for you is above all out of goodwill. And rest assured: in time they will realize that your relationship is healthy!

Put dismissive looks into perspective

Does your mother disapprove of your relationship? Does your best friend not understand you? Your son does not hesitate to give his unfavorable opinion? Worse, do passersby allow themselves to stare at you as you enjoy a moment of relaxation with your partner? We’re not going to lie to each other: feeling judged – by loved ones or strangers – is always uncomfortable… But you can also decide that it’s their problem, not yours! Because in any situation, some people will support you and others will criticize you. In other words, you can’t please everyone. And you know what? This is excellent news! Because the most important thing is not how others look… It is that you agree with your own choices and that you feel in your place. Also, take care of the people who support you and don’t take those who judge too seriously. They don’t deserve your attention!

Dare to do projects together

Dismissive judgments can lead to unwarranted fear, sometimes even degrading the romantic relationship. To avoid this, live the relationship to the fullest without taking into account the eyes of others. Feel free to do projects together if you feel like it! The important thing is of course to take full advantage of the present, but being able to imagine a shared future – and not hesitate to bring it to life – is an important step in the relationship. It gives lovers the opportunity to affirm their mutual love, both in the relationship itself and with those around them. Your dream trip? The construction of an oasis of peace? A project that has been close to your heart for years? Let your relationship live and develop as you wish!

Take a step back from judgments

For sure, whether it is family or friends, it is always more pleasant to have a partner that everyone appreciates, even truly appreciates. Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way you want. If those around you lament your relationship when they see you fulfilled and you’ve already shown a lot of patience… It might be time to take a step back. Without limiting your exchanges, learn to keep some emotional distance from their judgments. You – and you alone – experience this relationship. You are therefore the only person who can know whether it is beneficial for you or not. Don’t be afraid to affirm your love with your loved ones because they will eventually realize that your partner makes you feel good… and they will accept the relationship as it is!

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