In Trévou-Tréguignec, the Put on your tongs festival keeps its hand on its prog’, and it promises! – Lannion

“We would like to have our hands on the program for the Chausse tea meadow festival. We refuse to delegate it to tourers who guarantee a headliner if we also program this or that group,” explains Raphaël Frouin. Together with Élodie Papin, he created the poster for the 2022 edition. The groups that we program (for a total budget of 30,000 to 35,000 €), we know those who are at least one of us who has seen them together and who has taken a small ball”.

Decryption of the nominees, on the poster for the festival this year.

Coming Friday July 29th

“It’s a DJ duo from Paris. They do afro-electro. We asked them to do the opening on the new small stage we created next to the bar. They will also do the interplatforms and the closing of Friday evening. It really is a group for dancing”.

“They are Rennes. It is also our desire to bring local groups. We saw them in concert at Art Rock, they blew us away. They make quite elegant rock, processed, a little trippy, rock trance, with a little Mexican sounds and a lot of influences . Their latest album is exceptional. They can make 10-minute tracks, they take you on a journey…”

The rock band from Rennes Guadal Tejaz. (Titouan Massé)

“Jupiter comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a guy who fused Congolese music with a rock and fun spirit from Berlin, where he spent his childhood and youth in the 80s. They are one of the best African bands playing today. It is the war machine. He is a musician highly respected by groups known as Red Hot. We are very happy to have it. »

“This group comes from Istanbul and uses Turkish rhythms, which we call Anatolian, with a real electro side. We program them second to last, and it’s not for nothing: it’s a group that will be really good in the late evening, a big boost”.

“She is a young woman who does personal electro. She launched a project at the beginning of the incarceration and we booked it directly with the option of light show, which she presented only twice. We were lucky to book it at the time, because since then it’s exploded. She does techno, but not just boom boom, she tells things. It will create a crazy atmosphere!”

Can be seen on Saturday 30 July

“The guy really toured with bands known as the zycos and he got into it after that. He’s coming to present a totally crazy, super fresh project. On some tracks you can hear seagulls. It’s joyous, mischievous and super cool garage rock. It’s a group that has fun on stage, very communicative”.

“It’s a brand new hip hop group that formed in March 2020. With covid we haven’t seen them much yet. It’s a group led by Jay Ree who has played with City Kay and Zenzile. We saw them at Transmusicales. It is hip-hop with an instrumentation that evolves between jazz, electro and dub. It’s a charismatic voice, carried by brass, it’s super warm, communicative. Critics often describe it as the future of hip-hop.

“It’s absolutely our favorite. A half Canadian, half Japanese band. Their music is based on a very energetic style of rock that was all the rage in Japan in the 70s and 80s, eleki. The singer sings in Japanese. It’s a bit confusing at first, very charming afterwards. They could do the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie. They have an energy, an aura on stage, it’s really warm, enchanting. This is the big play to watch this weekend. We went to look for them in Canada”.

“It’s a Belgian rock band, pure rock, straightforward, with the special feature of having a real reputation as a live band. There are live shows where they take apart their instruments and reassemble them in the crowd to end the show in the middle of the audience. »

“Dombrance is “listenable” electro. His latest album, Electronic Republic, is the big freak out. It all started one night when he was fiddling, he was sick, feverish, he heard a hallucinatory voice that told him “François Fillon , it’s always François Fillon”. He made a song on it and he decided to make other titles about politicians. There is a piece about Poutou in particular, which is just brilliant. He is an intelligent artist, a cream. For his clips has signed a collaboration with Ina to be able to use their archives. He knows how to brew crowds, he wants to get everyone on board”.

To see on Sunday

“It’s a trio, one woman, two men, in rap group mode, it’s participatory. They want to teach the kids to do break tricks and it ends in a fight with the parents. The idea is to finish quietly and reach out to families and tourists in the area”.

The boomboxes are expected on Sunday.
The boomboxes are expected on Sunday. (Photo Titouan Massé)

“We end up with a guinguette, with all the musical styles, traditional. They set up their little stage, really in guinguette mode with a pseudo-parquet floor, lanterns…”


Put on the seaweed festival, Friday the 29th, Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st of July, at the municipal stadium of Trévou-Tréguignec. Prices: Friday and Saturday evening, €22.85, two-day Friday-Saturday ticket, €41. Online box office until the following Thursday or Friday on site. Free camping.

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