Julie Gayet, 50-year-old mother and grandmother, escapes to Tulle to enjoy simple moments with her blended family despite old tensions

As a former head of state, François Hollande’s private life also interests many people. In fact, the politician has been in a relationship with Julie Gayet for a long time. Focus on their relationship and family life.

Between the children of his companion and Julie Gayet, it is not really mad love. But despite the little tension that reigned in the clan, the actress still spends unique moments with her family. She was also able to bond with one of her beloved’s children.


If we know Julie Gayet thanks to her talent as an actress, she is also François Hollande’s companion. As a result, the beautiful blonde is aware of what overmediation is. Moreover, the actress openly confided in this topic during an interview with the TF1 Info website.

“I have long been the subject of the paparazzi”,

she said as she began.

Continuing, Julie Gayet said that the goal of these paparazzi was to “destroy” and “dirty” his personal life. This over-mediation was especially present in the life of the actress when her companion was still the President of the Republic.

According to him, the paparazzi did not leave them alone then “to discredit” the predecessor of Emmanuel Macron. Julie had described this period as “very violent”. Thus, seeing all this over-mediation, the actress did not sit quietly in front of those she loves.

“I have always done everything to protect my children and my couple”,

she told the TF1 Info site.

Proof that she is a devoted mother who is ready to do anything for her family.


For information, Julie Gayet experienced motherhood twice. Her two sons, Tadeo and Ezéchiel, are the fruits of the love between the actress and her ex-companion, Santiago Amigorena.

As discreet as she is about her private life, it happens that Julie Gayet makes an exception and confides in her offspring. That’s what she had done during her interview on Europa 1, April 28, 2022. During this interview, the beautiful blonde talked about the difficulties of being a mother.

According to her, the actress has always tried to listen to her two boys, knowing that they might not talk to her.

“But we’re not perfect, so we do what we can and we try to give love”,

she confided.

Julie Gayet is aware of her imperfection as a mother and tends to question herself. But knowing that a “perfect” mother doesn’t exist, she asks that we let women “do what they want.”

Moreover, in addition to Tadeo and Ezekiel, the actress is also the mother of four children from marriage. FYI, François Hollande said “yes” to his beau on June 4, 2022. By this marriage, she will therefore become the mother-in-law of her treasure’s children.

This means that she is also a grandmother to her husband’s grandchildren. Note that these grandchildren of François Hollande are none other than the toddlers of his son Thomas Hollande. The latter had Jeanne and Noé thanks to his relationship with the beautiful Emilie Broussouloux.

After their marriage, François Hollande, Julie Gayet and their blended family are also resources in Corrèze in Tulle. Note that the two lovebirds had bought a property there in 2018. Interviewed at Femina, Sunday 24 July 2022, the actress shared their daily life.

“Shopping, cooking for our children and grandchildren”,

she said.

But although he likes to enjoy himself with his family, Julie Gayet also prefers to enjoy simple things, alone, from time to time. In Corrèze, she says, she can go to the cinema in peace. She can also “drink a cup of coffee on the terrace after buying the newspaper”.

Small moments in solo which surely do good for the actress. However, work is never far from the beautiful blonde. The latter is preparing to be president of the jury for the Fleurance Film Festival in Gers in August 2022.

A job the actress gladly accepted because of her association with Gers. His parents also own a castle there, located in the town of Berrac. A property they have acquired since 2005.


Taking advantage of a little moment of relaxation with her family, it seems that Julie Gayet wants to ease the old tensions. For those who do not know, the idyll between the former president of the republic and the actress did not seem obvious in the beginning.

For the record, their relationship went public in 2014. A headline-grabbing revelation that shocked many people, especially the Holland clan.

Remember that at the time François Hollande was still head of state and the first lady at the time was Valérie Trierweiler. Thus, the revelation of the relationship between François and Julie was a real scandal, which affected her children. Thomas, Élise, Julien and Flora were already adults at the time and could only accept the romance between their father and the actress while dealing with the hum in their family.

French lawyer Thomas Hollande and French journalist Émilie Broussouloux celebrate and pose for pictures after getting married at the church in Meyssac, September 8, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

Over time, everything in the clan worked. Moreover, one of the children of the President of the Republic has established a bond with one of them. It’s Thomas Holland.

The latter had already enjoyed a holiday in Lot with his father and stepmother. In that moment, the three seemed more complicit than ever as they attended a rugby match.

But although Jeanne and Noé’s father seems to have a good relationship with his mother-in-law, he could not count on her presence during his marriage to Emilie Broussouloux. In fact, Julie Gayet preferred “to leave the bride and groom with the family, out of delicacy”.

In 2020, Paris Match also said that Ségolène Royal did not approve of the relationship between her ex-mate and Julie. It was apparently for this reason that Thomas and his siblings did not go to their father’s house in Tulle. They want to “avoid their mother’s sadness and anger”.

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