Serge Lama, who lost his “holy” wife after 46 years of marriage, consoles himself at the age of 79 with the godmother of his grandson, 35 years his junior

After twice experiencing the bitterness of losing the women he loved, Serge Lama is now happy with his new partner, 35 years his junior. They got married in 2021 and live on a cloud of love.

Serge Lama rightly considers himself a survivor. In 1965, he was the sole survivor of a horrific car accident that claimed the life of his then-fiancee, Liliane.

Years later, he experienced great love for Michèle in a 46-year relationship. The latter died of cardiac arrest in 2016.

He is now happy with his new companion, Luana, 35 years his junior.

Focus on Serge Lama’s sentimental life.

Portrait of Serge Lama. І Source: Getty Images


The first major drama in Serge Lama’s life took place more than 50 years ago. On August 12, 1965, the singer lost his fiancée in a tragic car accident, from which he miraculously survived.

The artist was deeply hurt by this loss, especially since it was his first love. In 2009, he confided this to the Parisian:

¨It was the first time I loved (…) And suddenly I was hit in the strongest moment (…) This woman who disappeared comes back to me unconsciously. Sometimes when I listen to things like ‘Claudia’, ‘Toute blanche’, ‘D’aventures enaventures’, I say to myself, ‘there’s Liliane’¨.

But what exactly happened on that famous day?

Portrait of Serge Lama.  І Source: Getty Images

Portrait of Serge Lama. І Source: Getty Images

On August 12, 1965, Serge Lama was in a 404 driven by the manager and brother of Enrico Macias. Among the passengers was, among others, Liliane Benelli, Serge Lama’s first great love, who was also his fiancée.

Suddenly the car crashed into a tree near Aix-en-Provence. The shock was terrible and Liliane unfortunately lost her life immediately. The driver was thrown into a coma from which he did not wake up. Serge Lama, meanwhile, is the only person to have made it out alive.

He kept saying this over and over again:

¨I should not have survived this accident¨.

Serge Lama was saved, but the psychological consequences were terrible. Not only did he lose the pianist he intended to marry, but the fact that he was the sole survivor of this accident traumatized him for a long time. Physically, he underwent several surgeries that damaged his body.

Singer Serge Lama.  І Source: Getty Images

Singer Serge Lama. І Source: Getty Images

Surrounded by loved ones, the singer was able to raise the slope and find the taste for life. As he swam in happiness again, he did not expect to be struck by death again.


After the drama caused by the death of his fiancée, Serge Lama found the joy of love again 4 years later, in 1969. He met Michèle Annie Potier and he immediately fell in love with her.

Unfortunately, she was already married and therefore did not want to be in a relationship with him. This situation made the singer suffer so much that it inspired one of his biggest hits: ¨I’m sick¨.

Serge Lama was not deterred and two years later in 1971 they were finally able to get together. On June 17, 1991, the two lovebirds sealed their love by getting married. They lived a beautiful and long idyll, from which their only son, Frédéric, was born.

Serge Lama with his wife Michèle at a premiere on November 26, 1985 in Paris, France.  І Source: Getty Images

Serge Lama with his wife Michèle at a premiere on November 26, 1985 in Paris, France. І Source: Getty Images

After 46 long years of intense happiness and mutual love, Serge Lama was again struck by misfortune: his “holy” wife Michèle died.

On October 25, 2016, the one who was his lover, his friend, his wife and the mother of his child died at the age of 71. She died at their second home in Romilly-du-Perche.

She especially appreciated this house because she liked the peace that reigned there. It was in solitude that she suffered a stroke before being carried away by cardiac arrest.


At the time of his death, Michèle Lama was no longer in a relationship with the singer. But they remained close and tried to rebuild their lives on their own.

In 2002, Serge Lama met one of his fans named Luana Santonino. The latter, then 25 years old, got into a relationship with his idol the following year. They settled down together, and despite the 35 years that separate them, Serge and Luana get along great.

About this age difference, Luana assured Gala magazine:

¨I think it brings us closer and we use every day, with a conscience, the chance we get¨.

His beloved went in the same direction by saying this:

¨Luana does not do anti-aging racism. She, like me, would prefer that I was 68 rather than 78¨.

What does Frédéric think of his father’s new relationship? It turns out that the young man is proud to know that his father is so happy. It was in recognition that he decided to make Luana his son’s godmother.

Serge and Frédéric Lama.  І Source: Getty Images

Serge and Frédéric Lama. І Source: Getty Images

Serge Lama is madly in love with his treasure. He speaks of it with great admiration:

¨Luana knows the things that suit me. We learned from each other, for the best…and the best (…) It’s the truth, not bragging¨.

He added: ¨This is the first woman I deserve¨.

Since the love was there, the two lovebirds were married in two stages: the civil marriage was held in February 2021, while the religious marriage took place in September 2021. Asked about the reason for their marriage, Serge Lama said:

¨Because Luana, a believer, wanted to (…) I wanted to give her this moment that goes beyond words. The civil wedding in the snow was amazing, but the church, the dress, the vows, It was wonderful¨.

The famous singer seems to be full with his new girlfriend. Although she is younger than him, they get along perfectly and the harmony is there. The least we can say is that he fully deserves it.

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