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Since it first landed six years ago on Netflix, series Stranger Thingsfronted by the Duffer brothers, is a real hit. The series could convince with its delicious “eighties” atmosphere, its captivating story, but above all thanks to his characters are all more compelling than each other. Characters that have also gained depth over the seasons, the fourth and penultimate of which has been available in its entirety for nearly a month. Waiting for the fifth and final season, so we thought it would be interesting to see who the fan favorites are. And we can count on the site for that, on which more than 55,000 Internet users’ votes were counted ! Here are the big winners (and losers) of this survey!

/!\ This top contains spoilers for the series Stranger Things. Its reading is therefore not recommended if you are not up to date. /!\

20) Argyle

He is one of the newcomers in season 4 of Stranger Things but unlike Eddie Munson (see below), Argyle failed to convince many people. And for good reason, the young man is permanently stoned and therefore seems to completely miss the action of the events that take place. If this adds to his quirky side and makes him the season’s perfect “comic relief,” the grade quickly becomes very (too) heavy.

19) Mike Wheeler

The protagonist along with Eleven and the rest of the gang since the first episode of the first season, Mike does not exude incredible sympathy capital. On the contrary, he often tends to seem unsympathetic, especially with his childhood friend, Will. The last season also lingered on this point for a long time, which did not work in its favor.

18) Billy Hargrove

William “Billy” Hargrove” is also at the bottom of the fan rankings, but is it surprising? If he appears to be the handsome boy on duty who appeals to these ladies (Mother Wheeler comes to mind), he is, above all, a non-drinking half-brother who seeks to ruin Max’s life in every way imaginable. His death at the end of season 3, on the other hand, made him less unbearable.

17) Scott Clarke

Small achievement for the teacher Scott Clarke, who manages to get ahead of some recurring/main characters in the series despite having a very secondary role. Very good teacher, he repeatedly needles Mike and the rest of the gang in the first seasons, for example, helping them – without knowing it – to find a portal to the Upside Down.

16) Jonathan Byers

Will’s older brother is clearly not the most charismatic character on the show. He constantly doubts himself and struggles to show the devotion he has for his brother and his love for Nancy. If it’s part of the character’s charm, we’re willing to bet on his bromance with Argyle in season 4 of Stranger Things didn’t help him win back the fans’ hearts.

15) Will Byers

Little brother, exactly, let’s talk about it. Will is a more complex character than it seems, who wants to stay all his life in the game of childhood Dungeons & Dragons with your friends. He finds it difficult to accept that it is impossible, which is difficult for a lonely young boy like him. When we discover ithe is actually gay and secretly in love with Will, we better understand his illness and we hope he will find happiness and some respect (let’s not forget that even the showrunners skipped his birthday!) in season 5.

14) Lucas Sinclair

If he’s not the most popular teenager in the gang, Lucas is one of the characters present since the very first episode of season 1 of Stranger Things. He is someone you can trust, but thatthe fact that he is nevertheless dropped by his friends for a good part of season 4 does not forgive: the fans did not allow him to enter the top 10. His sincere love for Max, on the other hand, could make him rise in their esteem.

13) Nancy Wheeler

Here’s a character that has evolved a lot since Season 1! At first a model and innocent little girl, Nancy will gradually reveal another part of herself. Determined, ready to get her hands dirty and damn good with firearms, she is ultimately one of the most badass characters on the show.

12) Bob Newby

One season and a secondary role: that would have been enough Bob, Joyce’s boyfriend for a time, to win the hearts of fans. The guy embodies kindness in its purest form. Always well-intentioned and ready to help his fellow men, he is unfortunately very naive and his completely avoidable death is very regrettable. However, we applaud his ability to get closer to Will and gain his trust.

11) Erica Sinclair

Lucas’ plague, understand his little sister, is a very intelligent young girl with a biting retort. Having a saintly character manifested by sharp verbal spades against anyone who dares oppose her (Eddie especially paid the price when she wanted to join the Hellfire Club), she even has the guts to overtake her big brother in the standings.

10) Dr. Alexei

Born in the 1940s in Russia, Dr. Alexei is an engineer who works in the Soviet laboratory hidden in Hawkins. When he appeared in Season 3, he gained sympathy from fans by somehow collaborating with Joyce and Hopper to thwart the Soviets’ plans. His difficulty in communicating and his sometimes childish behavior made this character endearing, thus making his death harder to live with.

9) Murray Bauman

Appeared from season 2, Murray Bauman was once a journalist with complicated relationships due to his eccentricity. Recurring characters until season 3 (where he is partially blamed for Alexei’s death due to his lack of vigilance), Murray became a main character in season 4, where he traveled with Joyce to help free Hopper from the clutches of the Soviets. Funny, sometimes witty and very good at hand-to-hand combat, “the bald bird of prey” is very popular among fans.

8) Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers has played a central role in each of the seasons Stranger Thing, but we didn’t necessarily expect to see her so high in the rankings, the fault of a character who sometimes has trouble developing, the very good Winona Ryder, who sometimes settles for playing the worried mother who is ready to sink into madness. Despite this, the love for his children, his relationship with Hopper and his ability to always go above and beyond to help those in need compensate for these few shortcomings.

7) Max Mayfield

Abused by Billy, Max did not have an easy childhood or youth. Contrary to what she imagined, things did not improve with the death of her half-brother, a source of guilt for her. A guilt that will also be exploited by Vecna, who badly injured the young girl at the end of season 4. If we hope that she is back in reasonably good health afterwards, we will especially remember that she is strong, independent, and that Kate Bush saved her life.

6) Eleven

Onze (or Eleven) is the main character of the series. She’s the one who escapes from Hawkins’ lab at the start of the first season, she’s the one who has to deal with the monstrosities of the Upside Down to send them back to where they came from, and without her, Stranger Things could not exist. From a little girl withdrawn into herself, she has become a real young woman who is able to control her powers and put them to the service of the good of all. If she does experience a few falls, we won’t blame her for giving the insufferable Angela the skate bump of the decade.

5) Eddie Munson

It is without a doubt the big fan favorite in season 4 of Stranger Things: Eddie Munson is of course a drug dealer, but above all an eccentric and completely crazy young man, leader of the mythical Hellfire club, who is not a Satanist. Well, we have to admit that Eddie as a metal fan does nothing to help his cause. Speaking of metal, the incredible scene where he resumes Master of Puppets by Metallica in the Upside Down is probably still one of the best scenes of the season, if not the series.

4) Robin

If she deserves first place for her beautiful first name, Robin has to settle for the foot of the podium. Appeared in season 3, it stands out for an atypical personality that is sometimes furious (cf. Nancy), but above all particularly endearing. Very close to Steve Harrington, however, it is on the side of the fairer sex that she seems to have ended up finding love. Still stressed and too talkative, however, she was able to show composure on numerous occasions, to the point where she went headfirst to attack Vecna.

3) Jim Hopper

It was clear that the brilliant Jim Hopper would be entitled to his place on the podium. Only when Hawkins’ police chief does not take seriously Joy’s warnings about the threat hanging over the city, he will show curiosity until he discovers the existence of a parallel world, before showing all his courage by joining the fight against the horrors that come from the. If he was particularly abused in Season 4, captured and tortured in a Soviet prison, he will finally be able to flesh out his love story with Joyce and find Eleven, whom he raised as his daughter in season 2.

2) Dustin Henderson

If there is one of the “young” on the soundtrack that is appreciated by fans, it’s dustin who was never lucky in love until he met computer hacker Suzie. He also knew how to form an unfailing friendship with Steve back then with Eddie, while staying close to Will, Mike, Lucas, Eleven and Max. We repeat ourselves, but it is again a character full of courage, as well as an excellent friend… or only one child to look after? It depends on the point of view.

1) Steve Harrington

There he is, the most beloved character in it Stranger Things ! Babysitter Steve Harrington, when he’s not busy diving to the bottom of a cold lake while being subdued by Max and Nancy, he has to constantly watch over Dustin, who he’s extremely close to, as well as the rest of his friends. Haughty and seductive when he became known, he now strives for a peaceful life where he would raise unbearable brats. Suffice it to say, he has training!

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