Where to swim with children in Haute-Vienne?

In this summer 2022, sunny and hot, there is no shortage of water bodies where you can find freshness. With small children it is important to find supervised swimming and if there are games and extra activities…

The Haute-Vienne tourist office lists no less than 21 monitored sites. There is something for everyone, whether in Saint-Julien-le-Petit, Sussac or the beach of Nergout on Lake Vassivière.

Different bodies of water and ponds also have more facilities besides just swimming. In Saint-Hilaire-les-Places, sledges, paddles and pedaloes are available. The waters are monitored from

The Sagnat room in Bessines-sur-Gartempe has the same activities. It is also possible to swim in Vienne, with the naval base Palais-sur-Vienne. It only remains to choose according to your wishes.

Ermine square

27 kilometers from Limoges, the Hermeline area and its expanse of water await you. They are part of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural Park.
The site welcomes you every day of the week, from April to November.

Everything is in place so that people with reduced mobility can also access it. It has the Blue Flag, a quality mark for tourism, water and sustainable development. It is surrounded by trees and is the ideal place in warm weather

The square offers many activities: Tree climbing with a zipline, mini golf or even a maze and bicycle track. For the little ones, swimming is constantly supervised. Motorhome and camping tunes are also present on site.

Manon Tessaire, responsible for the structure and the site, explains: “The cycle track was built in 1994, then the activities developed around it and the main building was born in 2009. It is a family space and above all a corner of expenses to come with the small children ”.

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In addition to diversity by age, nationalities are also mixed. “We also have many Dutch, English and Belgians. There are fewer Spaniards this year than last year,” says Manon, however.

Many leisure centers come here to spend days with children on holiday.

The leisure centre’s children run and stroll around the water point
Sylvie and her husband, both residents of Limoges, took their grandchildren swimming. The place suits them perfectly “We come from 9 to 12.30, the temperatures are not yet too high for the little ones, it is bearable. It’s quiet and the little ones can go.”

Swimming pools.
For those who wish, swimming pools are available and listed here. Among them :
– Aquapolis Aquatic Center, in Limoges
– Aqua’Noblat, in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat
– Bayle’s swimming pool on Isle
– Santrop swimming pool at Lake Saint-Pardoux
– The municipal swimming pool in Aixe-sur-Vienne
– The swimming pool in Saint-Junien

For all information, visit the website www.espace-hermeline.com

Oriane Dubois

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