Euros. In Les Andelys, a very diligent first session for the children’s municipal board

The Municipal Board for Children in Andelys (Eure) met on the second Wednesday morning around Mayor Frédéric Duché. A first session which turned out to be very diligent. ©The Impartial

After being installed on Saturday, April 30, 2022 children’s council (CME) of Duck lights (Euros) was busy holding its first meeting seven weeks later in the assembly hall.

Indeed, they did not come empty-handed to present their ideas or ask their questions Frederic Duchy, mayor of Les Andelys. Among the audience in the room were children from the leisure center supervised by Eric.

Thirteen Chosen

To leave no room for chance, the 13 children (Inaya, Clémence, Jade, Eva, Charlie, Maxandre, Jérémy, Eliott, Brewen, David, Louisiane, Inessa and Aly) arrived much earlier to refine their intervention.

They were accompanied by Armelle Kratz (Deputy for Education, Youth and Participatory Democracy) and Marc Varez, their supervisor. The latter trains them every Wednesday at the Espace Sainte-Clotilde.

To increase efficiency, the youth counselors were divided into two groups, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Among other things, the children practice speaking or are introduced to working methods, while of course giving them playful moments to let off steam. “Children have many ideas, you have to channel them and explain that some things do not depend on the town hall”.

Generation meeting

At 11:00, after Frédéric Duché’s welcome speech, the council started with an introduction by Clémence, who followed the progress of the interventions of her fellow council members.

Jade then intervened to get back at the Marcel Lefèvre School fair, where CME had set up a stand with posters and a suggestion box.

Videos: currently on Actu

She also put forward several ideas regarding communication (posters in schools, YouTube channel, development of the digital workspace).

Inaya then went on to offer half a day of activities to meet the elderly in the Petits Prés self-governing home.

Dry toilets

Eliott then defended the establishment of a drinking water point in the Nicolas-Poussin park, and Jérémy and Maxandre argued at length for the installation of dry toilets. They even gave the mayor a very complete file with several scenarios.

Eva and Charlie submitted the idea of ​​a meeting day for all Andelys schools at the René Tomasini stadium in May/June 2023. Then Brewen asked that the internal rules be changed to involve as many students as possible from CM1. In support of his request, he had even commented on an explanatory table that motivated this request.

Kitchen, media library and restaurant

Aly then went on to suggest installing more poo bags, more flowers, cleaning children’s games or even putting a map of the city in the new “Ville des Andelys” application. To end the round table, Louisiane intervenes as follows: “Hello, Mr. Mayor, my name is Louisiane, we would like to ask you three questions. Would it be possible to cover the swimming pool, put a media library and set up a restaurant at La Courcanne? “.

“An elected official must judge”

As these requests / suggestions / questions were received, Frédéric Duché made sure to answer point by point, arguing each time.

In some cases, he explained that it is not the town hall’s responsibility, in others he will submit to the adult municipal council, and that everything cannot be done at once, especially since the budget for 2022 has already been adopted.

“An elected official must permanently mediate according to his budget. »

Frédéric Duché, mayor of Les Andelys

The Mayor ended this 1st session by saying, “I am very proud of your work”.

Photo 2
The children shared their ideas, questions and other suggestions with the mayor. ©The Impartial

Tickets to Tolysland

As a congratulations, the municipality offered free access to Tolysland to all CME children. To see the enthusiasm of the children, it is certain that they will not have the patience of their elders to wait for the realization of their projects and this, even accompanied by the best explanations in the world. So when is the transformation of the first attempt?

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