lifeguards who don’t know how to swim, drug-selling bartenders, unsanitary… Netizens shocked by the campsite featured in the program

This Tuesday, July 26, the teams from the Forbidden Zone went on a hidden camera to discover a campsite. And the unhealthiness of the sites deeply shocked internet users who expressed themselves strongly on social networks.

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The hidden face of campsites. Every summer, many French people go on holiday to get away from it all and forget about their everyday life for a limited period of time. Families prefer camping, according to a study published in 2019. In total, 1 in 3 French people say they have been to a campsite at least once in their life, and more than 20 million people have already experienced the joys of this lifestyle … What makes people book holidays in these resorts is primarily the good value for money, but also the proximity to nature. Many businesses have flourished all over France, offering large complexes to house families in good conditions. On the surface everything seems perfect with services offered at low prices…

An astonishing report

But a report of Restricted zone broadcast this Tuesday, July 26 and filmed with hidden camera on a campsite on the shores of the Mediterranean, shows behind the scenes. With disastrous comments on the Internet, this campsite still attracts holidaymakers who have shown on screen an experience that is questionable to say the least. As soon as they enter the complex, the teams of Restricted zone were shocked at the dilapidated condition of the bungalows as evidenced by the water leakage. Inside, dirt and mold disillusion vacationers. But the worst is yet to come. The reporters, engrossed, went to meet the tenants of the mobile homes, and the observation is bitter.

Netizens shocked

There was a serious accident at the campsite’s swimming pool. In fact, a child was drowning and the lifeguard simply called the emergency services instead of saving him! By going to meet the manager, the teams off Restricted zone realized he couldn’t swim! “When it’s a little deep it scares me, I don’t want to die”, he exclaimed. When you go to the bar, the waiters are very slow to seat the customers. But to get drugs, the support is fast. Just ask one of the waiters who easily give an address… These pictures deeply shocked internet users who expressed their astonishment on social networks. “I hope the campsite is closed today! How awful!”, “The lifeguard who can’t swim so that’s the last straw I died (laughs, editor’s note)”, we can especially read.

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