Mini’s electric future takes shape with this avant-garde compact SUV

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It is a style study that introduces a new design language for future models of the British brand. The Mini Concept Aceman will be unveiled by Mini on Wednesday 27 July 2022. This electric compact SUV is halfway between the Mini Cooper and the Mini Countryman. It is completely focused on reinventing the image of Mini to combine enjoyable driving sensations with a digital experience and a low carbon footprint.

4.05 meters long, 1.99 meters wide and 1.59 meters high, the Mini Concept Aceman has the appearance of a Mini of the future. The design of the front is characterized by a solid octagonal grille, the perimeter of which is illuminated with LEDs. This same grille can light up to welcome the vehicle’s occupants. Matrix LED headlights are integrated into the concept car, while the daytime running lights have a particularly expressive light signature.

A flashy color scheme for the concept car

Mini concept Aceman (2022)Credit photo – Mini

For the rest, the appearance of the Mini Concept Aceman is characterized by very striking wheel arches and sills, a roof rack, smooth door handles, small mirrors or even 20-inch alloy wheels.

Classic, the rear gets an inscription of the concept car’s name, Matrix LED lighting in black tint and a spoiler. The car is presented in a turquoise blue livery, called Icy Sunglow Green, while the roof is painted in British Racing Green. The roof rack even has an iridescent paint job.

A unique round OLED screen inside

Mini concept Aceman (2022)

Mini concept Aceman (2022)Credit photo – Mini

Inside the cabin of the Mini Concept Aceman, the atmosphere is much more minimalist than outside, but the colors are not lacking. The flat design type dashboard consists of a simple round OLED screen, a steering wheel, a few buttons for shifting or parking brake, as well as USB connections. The dashboard is covered with a soft-touch fabric and supports projected images that extend to the inside of the doors. These projections can take the form of navigation maps or even images of clouds and waves to create a specific atmosphere on board.

No leather or chrome for the upholstery

Mini concept Aceman (2022)

Mini concept Aceman (2022)Credit photo – Mini

In addition, the interior of the Mini Concept Aceman can be personalized via Experience modes. These take the form of display and color combinations. Car occupants can choose their own pattern to display on the OLED screen, select places to visit during their journey and have fun on the screen. The upholstery of this new concept car is devoid of chrome and leather and, in particular, includes velvet on the steering wheel. The fabric seats are covered with embroidered designs.

This adorable companion is on board

Mini concept Aceman (2022)

Mini concept Aceman (2022)Credit photo – Mini

Mini does not communicate the range, power or charging time of this electric concept car. We learn, however, that the Aceman Concept has an onboard companion that, when someone approaches the vehicle, produces sounds through the external speakers and animates the Matrix LED lights with the Union Jack flag. When the doors are opened, a graphic image is projected onto the floor, while the words “Hey Friend” (“hello, my friend” in English) are displayed on the central display of the dashboard.

The Mini Concept Aceman will make its first appearance at Gamescom 2022. The show dedicated to video games will take place from August 23 to 28, 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

In short

The future of Mini will be electric, or not. The British brand’s electrification strategy is already underway, writing a new page presenting the Mini Concept Aceman. This concept car is in the form of a 4.05 meter long electric compact SUV. Its design is characterized by multiple LED lights, a full grille, wide wheel arches, smooth door handles or even a roof rack. On board the Concept Aceman, Mini offers a minimalist dashboard on which images can be projected to the taste of the occupants of the cabin. A round OLED screen is installed in the center of the dashboard and an attendant can emit sounds or even project patterns on the ground as they approach the car. The upholstery does not contain chrome or leather, it is mainly made of fabric, but also velvet on the handlebars. Mini is keeping the Aceman Concept spec sheet a secret at the time of writing. The concept car will be presented to the public at Gamescom 2022, August 23-28 in Cologne, Germany.

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