Oussekine, Heartstopper, Yellowjackets… The best series of 2022 on streaming platforms to catch up this summer!

The month of July is almost coming to an end… Yes, summer is coming and in a few weeks it will be time for the new school year! Take advantage of the last moments of breathing space you have left to relax in front of a wonderful series. Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video… streaming platforms are full of original productions (or not); and many have the power to make you feel good, alone or with others. So if you’re looking for which series to catch up on in the coming days, here’s a small selection of the cream: fics all being published this year, in 2022, not to be missed. After the 20 best series of the year according to American critics, or the best Netflix series, here is the selection of Télé-Loisirs.

On Amazon Prime Video: wacky superheroes and a summer love affair…

It is one of the most popular series on the Prime Video platform. The boys follows young misfits who dream of only one thing: to show the world the truth about superheroes. Because yes, once the services are delivered to society, Gruppen på Syv stores many completely crazy specimens who dare anything, even the worst. Worn by Antony Starr and Karl Urban, fiction The boys recently revealed the unreleased episodes of season 3, and once again anything goes.

The other 2022 fiction to discover on Amazon Prime Video is the adaptation of the books by Jenny Han (To all the boys I’ve loved…). The first season of The summer when I became beautiful follows the adventures of Isabel “Belly” Conklin. Since she was little, she used to spend her summers at Cousin’s Beach with her mother, her older brother, as well as her mother’s best friend and her two sons. Only here, this summer, she is no longer a child, but a young woman… A perfect ode to summer and to the love of youth that will appeal to many people.

On Netflix: fearless kids ready to save the world and a young boy who opens up to other…

This is likely to be one of the biggest hits on the red “N” platform. Season 4 of Stranger Things is already that of all records. And it must be said that this time again the new episodes were of quality. With a cast of young actors whose names are now known to everyone (Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp…), the Duffer brothers’ series will immerse you in the 1980s with fervor!

Cardiac arrest will have been the incredible little unexpected surprise at the beginning of the year on Netflix. This LGBTQ+ series, adapted from Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, follows two young boys who discover each other, get to know each other and simply fall in love. A feel-good fiction that proves love has neither gender nor sex.

On Canal +: a series about the grief of a young woman and American high school girls lost in the middle of the bush

Suicide bombers is a small Danish series about grief. Not really folichon said so, and yet. The energy of its lead artist (Marie Reuther) as well as its highly original script make this series an astonishing and captivating surprise. You will go from laughter to tears in seconds. Very strong.

Have you always dreamed of taking part in Koh Lanta, but insects give you the shivers? Take a look instead Yellowjackets, a fiction in which the plane of a group of high school girls crashes in the middle of the forest in the depths of the United States. They will have to learn to survive and to be wary of each other… The series has the peculiarity of taking place over two eras: in 1996, at the time of the accident, and in 2021, when some of the heroines managed to regain a life “normally”.

On Disney+: the sad story behind sex symbol Pamela Anderson and an important series about a French scandal

First, there is Pam and Tommy, a totally terrifying fiction about the theft of a K7 video by the couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Problem, on this one was the private sex tape of the two lovers. The two superstars of the time will then see their sexual antics exposed on the internet. A shock fiction about the star system and the media pressure suffered by a young woman who only dreamed of one thing: to become an actress.

With its French production, Ousekin, Disney+ has struck a blow. The series tells about the affair that shook France in December 1986. Or how, on the night of December 5-6, on the sidelines of a student demonstration in which he did not even participate, a young boy named Malik Oussekine was killed by the police . Adapted from a true story, this fiction takes its point of view and is clearly ESSENTIAL.

On Salto: 100% American cowboys and a man with amnesia…

With Yellowstone, head to Montana, where the Dutton family owns the largest ranch in the United States, near Yellowstone National Park. A man of sometimes hasty methods, John runs his business with an iron fist and daily battles with real estate developers who want to buy his land. Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly carry this modern Western-style fiction.

IN The touristJamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey) loses memory. And we know plenty of people who’d be happy to lend him a hand to help him find her… The pitch for this BBC co-production? When a man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memories, he must use the few clues he has to uncover his identity before his past catches up with him… An exciting, ultra-effective series!

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