Performance and low price: the refurbished iPhone 11 is a very good deal

Thanks to its durability and price, the iPhone 11 is the best deal to get when buying a refurbished smartphone. At Certideal, the price is around 380 euros.

What if you took advantage of the refurbished market to buy an iPhone at a great price? It must be said that this market is doing well. It allows you to both save money on the purchase price of your device, but also to limit your impact on the environment. It is always better to give a second life to a device than to buy a new one.

The refurbished iPhone 11 is thus a really good deal to enjoy an Apple smartphone at a good price. It is available from Certideal for around 380 euros, with several advantages.

Delivery, warranty… Certideal benefits

The refurbished market has developed a lot in recent years, so much so that it offers warranties similar to those for new. Certideal thus offers:

  • a 24-month warranty on all products as if they were new;
  • dispatch of the order within 48 hours;
  • payment in 3 or 4 installments;
  • a 21-day money-back guarantee.

Above all, Certideal is a French company that carries out the renovation of its products itself in its workshop, also located in France. What further limits the environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary travel.

During the repackaging, Certideal checks the products through 30 control points. This is the guarantee of having a 100% functional product upon arrival.

iPhone 11 is the best refurbished smartphone

The iPhone 11, and more generally Apple devices, are the best deals you can get when buying a refurbished smartphone.

Firstly, because the apple brand today offers the best update policy on the market. Expect at least five years of regular updates. Enough to take advantage of new features, every year, without changing your phone.

But also because it is with a refurbished iPhone that you can get the best deals. The proof, the iPhone 11 is shown at 379.99 euros on Certideal in correct condition, while it is still shown at 589 euros on Apple’s website. That still equates to 200 euros in savings.

iPhone 11 in detail

Released in 2019, the iPhone 11 immediately positioned itself as one of the best smartphones you could buy at the time. As always, Apple has put a very versatile device on sale with a perfectly mastered user experience. This smartphone is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic chip, which even today has no problems running the most demanding applications.

IPhone 11 // Source: Daniel Romero on Unsplash

A chip that will also enhance the photograph. With a dual rear camera, the iPhone 11 benefits from good image processing that relies on realistic images. Understand that the colors are generally close to reality and are not artificially saturated to flatter the retina.

Finally, the screen on the iPhone 11 is of very good quality, even though it is an LCD panel. Apple has always carefully calibrated its screens so that they are close to perfection. Bonus points for the True Tone feature, which automatically adjusts the calibration of the image according to your environment.

The iPhone 11 in reasonable condition is shown at a price of 379.99 euros on Certideal, in its purple color. A correct condition means that we can observe micro-scratches on the screen, and scratches or bumps on the hull.

For a few extra bucks, you can also find iPhone 11s in perfect condition with no signs of wear.

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