“We found each other in 10 minutes. An hour later we were in a relationship”

The big swipe

You necessarily know couples around you who are formed through a dating application. Maybe you’ve even experienced it. The big swipe tells these amazing stories of love or friendship 2.0 that start with a swipe, a like or just a message.

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Between Antoine and Candice everything happened very quickly: “After discovering our profiles we found each other in 10 minutes and an hour later we were in a relationship. There were no questions to ask, it was clear that it worked between us and it we would.” The two lovers find themselves on the OKCupid application: “It was my sister who advised me to go to this application because, according to her, it was less the supermarket than on others. I did not try to find out more and I trusted her. I talked to a dozen or so women before I found Candice. In a few messages it was clear we were going to meet.”

Candice and Antoine start joking very quickly: “There was a crazy complicity between us. She criticized my outfit in one of my photos and I responded in the same tone. She literally made me burst out laughing. After just a couple of messages I asked her what she was doing and she told me it was time for her break. We met at a cafe between my apartment and her office.”

First date with a stranger

The young man admits to feeling a little strange at the thought of finding a stranger: “I didn’t know what she did in life, what she expected from a relationship. I just had her first name. , not knowing whether was the real one or a nickname, her age, some pictures and a list of movies and music she liked. But we apparently spoke the same language and I didn’t feel very uncomfortable with her. I immediately wanted to confront it with reality. “

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In the cafe it’s love at first sight: “She was even better than in the picture and I loved her laugh. There was no hidden wolf, it was her first name, she was looking for a stable relationship and exclusive, she wanted children one day was she a freelancer with a great career. I didn’t think long. I told her directly that I liked her. No games, no bullshit manipulation. She blushed and she replied that she liked me too. I approached her and I kissed her. Then I held her a little to feel her neck. She gave a nice little laugh. It was done, we were together.”

After love at first sight, they want to share their happiness with everyone

The couple formalizes a few days later: “The following weekend we gathered all our friends to tell them we were in love and for everyone to introduce themselves. It’s a bit exaggerated, but we wanted to gather a big family around us. No doubt one more time to do it in stages agreed by I don’t know who. We were happy and we wanted to shout it out to the world. It went really well.”

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Antoine and Candice have never left each other: “Since day one we have been together for life and death. We talk to each other all the time, we touch each other as soon as we are together. I can’t be next to each other. her without having her hand in mine or her leg against mine. My group of friends has a New Year’s tradition of voting on things that happened in the year: the dirtiest breakup, the most beautiful moment of victory, the most beautiful love story. Not surprisingly we won it three years in a row. It has become a joke with power. Faced with our love, others have no chance. We may have to invent a new category. Between us, it is so strong that we no longer calculate in time or in stages. I know that in 50 years I will be by her side and she by mine. C is my soul mate and that is confirmed every moment.”


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