Yann Moix, who did not answer Charlotte Valandrey’s calls in her most difficult moments, talks today about their “impossible love”

Even after her death, Charlotte Valandrey continues to make headlines. The columnist Yann Moix has also talked about their relationship in the columns of Paris Match. AmoMama gives you more details about it.

In the tribute made by Yann Moix, the latter talks about his involvement with the late actress. A co-star who had also denied the actress’ relatives. The latter wanted to restore the truth on social networks.


July 13, 2022 is a date that loyal Charlotte Valandrey fans will never forget. That day, the actress breathed her last at just 53 years old. Note that before her death, the actress underwent the transplantation of her “third heart”. She left behind her only daughter, Tara.

Yann Moix, French writer and director, visits the new meal distribution site for migrants on March 5, 2018 in Calais, France | Source: Getty Images

The announcement of Charlotte Valandrey’s death naturally caused a lot of reactions. Several people paid tribute to him, including public figures. Yann Moix had in his own way honored the memory of the deceased.

In fact, the columnist had devoted several pages of Paris Match magazine to Charlotte Valandrey. On these pages, Yann talked about his relationship with the deceased woman.

“She had a heart, even when it wasn’t hers,”

he said first.

    Yann Moix, winner of Renaudot 2013, attends the 'Prix de Flore 2013': Cocktail Ceremony at Cafe De Flore on November 7, 2013 in Paris, France.  |  Photo: Getty Images

Yann Moix, winner of Renaudot 2013, attends the ‘Prix de Flore 2013’: Cocktail Ceremony at Cafe De Flore on November 7, 2013 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

He went on to say that the actress was much more than just a friend to him. For Yann Moix, Charlotte Valandrey was the “sister” he “should have had”.

In his tribute, the author also spoke of a so-called “impossible love” with the actress. And for good reason, the columnist did not see himself “spending his life with AIDS.” Remember that Charlotte Valandrey was HIV positive for most of her life. The actress was infected with HIV in her youth and therefore had to live with this disease until her death.

“I belonged, his instinct had told him, to that craven category of retreating lovers who did not want her because of death”,

Yann Moix said in his message.

Concluding his tribute to the deceased woman, the author said that Charlotte Valandrey died without even telling him, “with her own modesty”.

Obviously, these words about the late actress did not go unnoticed. Very quickly, the relatives of the actress reacted on social networks.


It is not only Charlotte Valandrey’s fans who responded to this tribute that Yann Moix dedicated to her. On social networks, the relatives of the actress in particular have shared their shock at what the columnist said.

“The pages dedicated to Charlotte Valandrey in Paris Match oblige us to recreate the truth”,

they said at first.

Continuing, the relatives of the actress confirmed that these remarks by Yann Moix fall under “confabulation, script writing” as well as “personal emphasis”. If they are forced to give their version, to believe their word, it is that Charlotte Valandrey loved the truth.

Therefore, they had to reveal the whole truth not only to the deceased woman, but also “to her audience”.

According to those closest to Charlotte, none of the actress’ acquaintances had been aware of the involvement between Yann Moix and the actress. They even qualified this one as “writer chronicler who invents ‘bro'”.

All that Charlotte’s relatives are aware of is a “brief rapprochement” between the two stars, “without a love story”. A rapprochement that stems from their youth. Other than that, there wouldn’t have been much between them.

Actress Charlotte Valendrey.  |  Photo: Getty Images

Actress Charlotte Valendrey. | Photo: Getty Images

In their message, Charlotte Valandrey’s relatives also recalled that Yann Moix did not speak to the deceased woman during her lifetime.

“Working Saturday night television, the columnist never returned calls from Charlotte who needed him. This is show business, brotherly mutual aid”,

they said.

Then the relatives of the actress wanted to clarify that it has never been a “dying professional” for anyone. She was even the opposite, according to their statements.

“The shameless presentation is also limitless. A woman is dead. Let’s stop the fiction”,

they specified.


Film “Taxi boy” in France on December 16, 1985 – Charlotte Valandrey. | Photo: Getty Images

In the same message, the authors also mentioned “the orchestrated testimony of two friends” who preferred to share information about the actress rather than be present for her. They then listed the people who have always been there for Charlotte, not to mention the doctors who cared for her.

Then relatives of Tara’s mother said that the end of life is an “essential” and “sacred” moment. Therefore, the memory of the missing person should be honored “with respect for the truth and the pain of those who loved him”.

Dirty hands

Dirty hands” by Jean-Paul Sartre with Jean-Pierre Kalfon and Charlotte Valandrey on August 17, 1998 in Paris. | Photo: Getty Images

To conclude their truth, relatives of the actress wrote:

“We who love you Charlotte and owe you this truth. Rest in peace now. Your family.”


As mentioned above, Charlotte Valandrey died after her third heart transplant. The actress did not have a happy ending at all, as one of her friends told Paris Match.

The friendship between Cathy and the late actress was especially strengthened “during and after imprisonment”. According to this boyfriend of the actress, the latter was “bad”, after her departure from “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Charlotte always wondered at the time what he was going to do after he left the show.

Charlotte Valandrey at

Charlotte Valandrey at the “Salon du Livre 2006” in Paris. | Photo: Getty Images

However, that is not the only thing that upset Charlotte Valandrey. The latter also felt bad because her album was not successful.

“His duet with Marc Lavoine finally went unnoticed. She was distraught.”

Cathy told Paris Match.

According to this same friend, Charlotte Valandrey also felt very bad about herself. The actress “did not accept her body deformed by the drugs”, which she took very often.

Charlotte Valandrey in Paris, France, February 19, 2008. |  Photo: Getty Images

Charlotte Valandrey in Paris, France, February 19, 2008. | Photo: Getty Images

As for his health condition, it has also worsened with time. After testing positive for the coronavirus, Charlotte was forced to go to the emergency room in February 2022. Soon after, she also had to undergo surgery after catching staph.

The least we can say is that Tara’s mother had a very eventful end to life. We hope that wherever she is, she is finally at peace.

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