5 exhibitions to see this summer!

If you think the exhibitions will end in the summer, stick your finger in the eye! In the four corners of France, the cultural world does not stop spinning. In Normandy, in Lot-et-Garonne and even in Paris, you on vacation, you who work, come and escape in a pictorial experience where colors and movements will embalm your heart and mind.

Landscapes of Design, the creators in the heart of Domaine de Boisbuchet

In the Domaine de Boisbuchet (Frac Centre-Val de Loire), a real space for experimentation, new design innovations are born every year. For thirty years, a vast majority of women have responded to the challenges of holistic design inspired by this particular place. Until July 31, the institute will bring together professionals and amateurs from all over the world to fantasize, (re)invent and create. In this small piece of nature, surrounded by fields, forests and water features, the works of pioneers and the works of active creators are exhibited, with nature as a universal source of inspiration…

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Urban emotions

The “aesthetic of chaos” is what Yann Cielat, a Rouen urban photographer, is working on. Without any documentary ambition, with an approach that does not promote narrative, this instinctively working artist seeks the graphic image. Kind of snag in the grass nunci geometry, perspectives, lines, places in all their nakedness, in all their brutality. From July 4 to August 12, the specialist in wastelands and abandoned places invites us to Usine Café & Coworking (Rouen) to discover his world in black and white.

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Margaret Duras. I wrote a whole life

Marguerite Duras, one of the greatest authors of the 20th century, who questioned the foundations of contemporary literature by inventing a new literary genre, a disembodied, short, nervous style… “When people who write tell you that we write in concentration, I would say no, I feel like I am in extreme deconcentration, I am a sieve myself, I have a hole in my head,” said the author in the 1970s. July 9 to September 13, 2022, the Center Marguerite Duras (Nouvelle -Aquitaine) devotes an exhibition to the work of Marguerite Duras, strongly marked by her childhood spent in French Indochina, through a mosaic of texts, films, photographs and objects entrusted to him by his son.

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At the edge of the world, live our vertigo

An endless, boundless landscape. A sky as far as the eye can see, covered with gray clouds, without light. Cloudy water, of an unreal, surrealistic colour. We, faced with immensity. And there, in the midst of the immensity, a shadowy rectangle, indefinable. A door ? A rock ? We do not know. Nobody knows. “At the Edge of the World, Live Our Vertigo” is an exhibition that will bring together Lebanese photographers from July 9 to November 6, 2022 trying to capture the challenges of representation in a context of disaster and collapse. Between poetic experience and political claim, the artists capture the eruptions of reality, the shores of fiction and the critical and creative impulse. In the abbey of Jumièges (Seine-Maritime).

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Delacroix and color

How to define the color? Color makes it possible to distinguish between two objects with identical shapes and textures. It is also what is neither white nor gray nor black. But color is much more than that. It is the result of a physical and metaphysical phenomenon, it is the subjective effect of the stimulation of the senses by the environment, it is what makes form and space alive. From July 13 to December 31, 2022, the National Museum Eugène-Delacroix invites you to discover its permanent collections in the light of the colors of Delacroix. From red and ocher of the East to Prussian blue, through cobalt green…

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Visual: © work on display, exhibition “On the edge of the world, live our vertigo”

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