sponsor of FIFA 2022, like a lighthouse in the storm presented itself as the ultimate sponsor of FIFA 2022, in Qatar at the end of May 2022. The competition will take place between November 21 and December 18.

Its presence in Doha hides a paradox that the Gulf has the secret of: Not long ago, Qatar banned the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Things are changing: the platform will benefit from “significant exposure, both inside and outside the stadiums” (FIFA). Crypto will mobilize all the technology to improve online betting.

Crypto: high standards for recruitment and security

Crypto has gained the trust of investors and more than 10 million individuals.

The Singapore-based group is already heavily involved in motorsports, MMA, football, ice hockey and basketball: the legendary Los Angeles Lakers stadium has just been renamed in its name, Crypto Arena after an investment of 700 million dollars! bases transactions on ease, security and exchange protection. It employs more than four thousand employees, while the level of personnel selection continues to rise.

It therefore recruits the best experts in technology, encryption, programming, who are able to solve all the challenges imposed today on the cryptocurrency in crisis.

The breakthrough of cryptocurrencies in football

Cryptocurrencies made a real breakthrough in the world of football, just before the stock market crisis, which everyone is rightly worried about, at the time of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We also know that the longer the crisis lasts, the more the energy used for mining becomes less profitable, consuming around 65.4 million CO2, equivalent to the emissions of a country like Greece… At some point we will have to to look at the best way to limit this critical situation, thanks to the most reliable of them, and maybe involvement of central banks, coinage of cryptocurrency.

Is Lionel Messi Announcing Cryptocurrency Redemption?

Argentine PSG star and seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi has signed an €18 million contract with cryptocurrency firm Socios. He will be responsible for promoting this brand during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Definitely, great minds meet!

We also know that this amazing contract will not be paid in crypto, where we understand the caution of “Pulga” (the Chip, nickname given by an Argentine journalist, due to its small size and its way of arising).

By the way, Socios does not lose anything, as the cryptocurrency company has signed several contracts in the middle, not only with Messi’s PSG, but also with FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​​​Juventus in Turin and Manchester City. These contracts include the creation of personal tokens, which allow their holders to obtain voting rights within the framework of certain decisions of the club. Inter Milan have also doubled their advertising revenue since associating their shirts with the colors of Socios.

AS Roma plays on the field and shows the performance of DigitalBits, another leading cryptocurrency coin.’s philosophy in light of the crisis

Crypto seems to be analyzing this bad patch as an inevitable growing pain that will only herald the bright future. studies the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by investment firms very closely.

This is how has built its very good reputation, being the first cryptocurrency company in the world to comply with high standards: ISO/IEC 27701:2019, ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS 3.2.1 from level 1.

It is also the first to be independently assessed at Level 4 – the highest level – for cybersecurity and privacy standards by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Streamlined procedures help lower transaction costs

Cryptocurrencies are advancing at the same pace as FinTech, which is gradually replacing the old methods and bureaucracy of banks, which largely lack dexterity. They follow the development of Blockchain, which omits intermediate procedures for transactions, which reduces their costs considerably.

The current instability therefore appears to be cyclical and temporary pending a new balance. But relying on new technologies will allow the most reliable cryptocurrencies to reach new milestones until they are once again recognized by regulatory bodies as perfectly sound and without greater risk than their paper counterparts.

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