How do you drive long hours with children?


We must not lie to each other, a car journey is always too long, and few children have the patience to spend several hours without moving in the cabin. That is, just as much from the start to ensure that the journey does not last longer than it should. So try to leave outside of the busiest times on the roads. Don’t go on Saturday morning, for example. If you can, even leave very early in the morning (before five o’clock) or late in the afternoon, to have a good stretch of the road with the children sleeping in the car.

Take real breaks.

A child can remain calm for longer if he has been sufficiently stimulated and if he has been able to move and exert himself. Be sure to organize real scenes, with an activity, games, and give the children the opportunity to exert themselves as much as possible between two quiet moments in the car. Making stages too short is not good for the driver, but also doesn’t give the little ones the opportunity to have moments of transition and appreciate the calm after being able to exert themselves…

Organize games

There are a whole host of fun games to play in the car with kids, games that are relatively calm but addictive enough that they can participate in them without getting tired (but don’t excite them to the point of wiggling rear, which may disturb the driver). Choose card games, some guessing games, musical quizzes or one of the games that consist of finding elements in the surrounding landscape… So many opportunities to create links, to laugh as a family… and not to notice the time passing.

Manage screens

Of course, tablets and screens are not recommended for children for a long time, but it must be admitted that when you have eight hours to kill in the car, it can save your life… Do not delete them in principle, but space them moments when you give them access to the screens, create moments by planning, for example, the screening of a beautiful film that you have chosen together, which will really please them and which will captivate them for an hour or two. Of course, alternate these screen times with quieter times, naps, or even screen-free playtime.

Get a real meal…

The temptation is great to snack in the car, it seems to occupy the children who, by the way, will ask you to eat every 5 minutes, because it is well known, the urge arises more easily when you are bored. Instead, choose a long dinner stopover with a real dinner at the table to talk to them, chat and end the meal with a walk… Take a real break: you want to give yourself a break between two moments in the car and children will be less tired of having to sit there. Still, plan healthy snacks like dried fruit or rice cakes for the trip if you don’t want to get ripped off at the first gas pump.

Tell stories

There’s nothing better to keep them occupied than a captivating story, and a screen isn’t always necessary. Some applications, such as AlmaStudio and some podcasts, offer absolutely captivating children’s stories, stories told by actors, where sound and music take a prominent place. No screen therefore, which boosts the imagination, and a fantastic story that they can then tell each other. Don’t want to go through your smartphone? It doesn’t matter, find a book with a story about their age and read it out loud. It’s also a forgotten activity that nonetheless creates great family memories…

Have a nice trip!

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