Marjorie Bourgeois (The Mysteries of Love): bums in the air in a bikini, she drives internet users crazy

Fans of Marjorie Bourgeois never fail to react to the photos of this one. Again, their actress raised the temperature by sharing his vacation photos. For the occasion, she shows off her beautiful figure and her dream body.

Marjorie Bourgeois shows off her ass

If you had followed “Mysteries of Love”, you definitely know Marjorie Bourgeoise. The latter is none other than the actress who plays the role of Stéphanie Dorville in the series. A character who appeared in the program from season 8.

At first this role was only recurring. Today he is one of the main characters. However, it will be necessary to wait some time before seeing Marjorie Bourgeois again in the series. In fact, the film adaptation of this fiction is bracketed because of summer holidays.

Marjorie of course takes the opportunity to recharge your batteries. On Instagram, she does not hesitate to share her vacation moments with her subscribers. For example, we saw her enjoying the sun or having a pool day with her friends.

Recently, it was in Cancale that the actress appeared on Instagram. This is’a natural environment located in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine in the Brittany region. If the latest release by Marjorie Bourgeois is to be believed, it looks like it’s hot in this part of France too.

So hot that the actress didn’t hesitate to wear a bathing suit, buttocks in the air and golden skin. A small outfit that also highlights her beautiful silhouette. You could even see his backside in one of the photos. Faced with such beauty, its subscribers would like compliment her.

“Very beautiful and very glamorous”, “Wonderful”, “Perfect heads and tails”, we can read.

One surfer even said Marjorie Bourgeois is “the most beautiful woman you can have”. Tender comments on it certainly satisfied to the principal in question.

Who is Marjorie Bourgeois?

FYI, Marjorie Bourgeois celebrated her 33rd candle on July 11, 2022. In addition to being an emblematic figure of French television, she also tried her hand at other professions.

Before she broke into the small screen, the young woman was actually a model. A few years ago, she even participated in beauty contests. Result: she won the competition Miss Le Mans in 2008.

However, it was only six years later that she really began to taste success. It was in 2014 that Jean-Luc Azoulay gave him Stephanie’s role in “Mysteries of Love”. She has since become an actress much appreciated the French.

In the middle of a scandal

As a public figure, Marjorie Bourgeois has also attracted attention at one point in her career. It was the night between October 2 and 3, 2021. It is unclear what actually happened that night. In any case, Tatiana-Laurence revealed that Marjorie had an affair with her husband.

The latter is none other than Xavier Delarue, Marjorie’s partner in “Mysteries of Love”. It is on Twitter that Tatiana-Laurence dropped that bomb. The former candidate of “Secret History” then wrote:

“I am informing you that Xavier Delarue is in a relationship with Marjorie Bourgeois. »

Their love, she said, goes back a long time, and they don’t “could cease their common passion” from. Continuing, Tatiana-Laurence reveals that she shared this information because the main two worried didn’t have the courage to do.

The reality TV contestant said she was “sad, broken, broken and ruined for life” because of this connection. Note that at the time she was expecting a child from Xavier Delarue. Concluding her message, Tatiana-Laurence claimed that Xavier and Marjorie could no longer hide their romance.

She wanted them too “a long life in love”. Soon after, Tatiana-Laurence decided to delete his post. She went back on her remarks, correcting everything she had said was not true.

According to her, it would be one “false relationship uttered out of jealousy or revenge”. The person who would have invented it would only have wished hurt them. She clarified that Xavier Delarue never cheated on her. All’s well that ends well in the end.

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