What does Xbox Series X have that other consoles don’t?

The “X” of Xbox, al

When a new game console hits the market, it must undergo an indisputable examination. Regardless of the console brand, gamers need comparisons and answers on every aspect of it: from design and usability to technical specifications. Released 2 years ago, the Xbox Series X is still the latest game console released by Xbox to this day. What sets the Series X apart in particular and what are the most played games on the console? These questions still arise today. Eneba – a digital marketplace and platform for gamers is here to answer all these questions and bring you the latest best deals!

When a new game console is launched, we often expect its technical specs to be impressive at the very least and spectacular at best. In this regard, even if opinions differ, the Xbox Series X does not seem to have disappointed most gamers. But let’s take a look at the numbers that speak for themselves:

  • Resolution. So far, the highest known resolution in console gaming is the 8K resolution. Like its strongest competitor, the PS5, the latest Xbox game console is said to offer up to 8K resolution. So for now, the Xbox Series X has the best resolution for an existing game console.
  • Storage. Unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series X probably offers one of the largest storage spaces: 1TB of SSD storage. Can you imagine how many games or other extra activities you can do with it? Certainly several dozen!
  • frame rate. What surprises many gamers is the console’s frame rates. The latest maximum frame rate per game console is 120 fps. And the Xbox Series X has achieved it. The higher a console’s frame rate, the smoother and more realistic the graphics. It’s no surprise then that the latest Xbox Series X would offer a truly cinematic experience.
  • GPUs. Another essential aspect of the visual appearance of games is the GPU, or graphics processing unit, which determines the speed of the graphics. Regardless of the various GPU improvements in other game consoles, the Series X leaves no room for competition, even against the Playstation. The AMD RDNA 2 graphics processing unit reaches 12 teraflops.
  • accessories. A new game console comes with new accessories. Designed based on a prototype of the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X controller is backwards compatible, more fixated on the function of the D-Pad and smaller in size to adapt to the needs of everyone, including children.

The best games on Xbox Series X

Since the Xbox Series X’s technical specs are virtually flawless, any gamer who owns it has complete freedom to choose a title to run on it. There isn’t a video game that the Xbox Series X couldn’t play today due to technical issues. But as you may already know, it’s the exclusives that really make the difference to a console. Some of the most popular games from new generations of Xbox this season include Forza Motorsport 8, Gears 5, Sea of ​​​​Thieves, Halo Infinite and more. But keep in mind that some of them are harder to run on other consoles. Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are therefore exclusively aimed at the Series S|X. Want to try out this year’s popular game Elden Ring? Before you do this, you should know that Elden Ring is also a very demanding game. That’s why having the Xbox Series X is a great opportunity to take advantage of it!

What does Xbox Series X have that other competitors don’t? A combination of cinematic yet easy to play Xbox Series X games and stunning technical capabilities designed for all generations of users would probably be the best answer. Some more

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